The Safety Dance

Do I need a safety program? What’s a safety program? If you’re currently a seller on, you may have at one time already received a Safety Notice from Amazon wherein you are informed of an “incident” of some sort. Your offer might have been removed completely, pending a response from you, or simply been … Read more

Product Inspections for Importers

Product Inspections are a must for every importer or private labeler/contract manufacturer. It is possible to outsource to independent inspectors, but typically we at Cascadia only work with accredited laboratories to perform product inspections. In China, SE Asia, India, and Indonesia, we charge $309/man day flat rate, with a nominal travel surcharge for factory locations … Read more

Podcast: Amazon Seller Performance for Private Labelers

Cascadia’s founder and resident Private Label guru, Rachel Greer, is this week’s featured guest on “The Private Label Podcast” with Kevin Rizer. Click here to listen. Topics of Discussion: Multiple Seller Accounts: Why Does Amazon care about them and how to get them approved Fraud, and how Amazon prevents it by limiting multiple seller accounts Why … Read more

Making of a product

There are many online guides to help new potential brand owners sell their imported creations on Amazon. They all use a variety of methods to get at knowing “which product” will do well on Amazon. But, it is not that simple. At Cascadia Seller Solutions, we specialize in helping brands succeed on Amazon, whether you … Read more