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Discover who we are.

Who we are.

What do you get when you combine a resourceful former Amazonian supermom, with some of her favorite former Amazonian colleagues?

In short, you get the hive mind that is Cascadia Seller Solutions.

Cascadia Seller Solutions team for Amazon sellers

Experienced consultants.

We are THE Amazon experts. We understand Amazon's ecosystem from the ground up, all of the tools, procedures, and confusing interactions with Seller Support!

Local associates.

Our Seller Central associates are all US-based native English speakers, trained by our consulting team. Our merchandising team is based in China, able to quickly handle your concerns locally.

Former Amazonians.

As former Amazon employees, we’ve got almost 80 years of combined Amazon experience in: performance, customer experience, sourcing, product compliance, import logistics, private label development, and jewelry.

Our mission is to protect and grow your investment with Amazon.

Cascadia Seller Solutions was founded on the premise that together we are powerful and that teamwork is essential to the proper care of our clients.

Our passion is helping Amazon sellers launch, maintain and grow their account within Amazon Terms of Service.

Our specialty.

We specialize in helping sellers see where they’ve gone wrong when Amazon warns or suspends their accounts.

We also simplify the regulatory framework and provide guidance to sellers developing their own private label brand. As brand developers, we understand exactly where in the production process errors can occur that cause brand owners difficulty when selling on Amazon.

More importantly, we allow our sellers to enjoy the fruits of their labors without having to be involved in every detail of their business.

At Cascadia, we don’t mind tooting our own horn a little… we’ve been working hard at being the best for a while now. Toot toot!

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We love our location!

Mountain Streams. Geoduck Clams. Blackberries. Rain. Coffee. Doughnuts. Yum!

Yep - that’s the Pacific Northwest for you. We’re Seattle based and proud of it.

And like the Cascadia movement, we support our team’s independence and the independent, entrepreneurial spirit of our clients. We’re friendly and open-minded too, so you can count on us to offer real solutions when you get stuck in the Amazon mire.

Check out our talented team members!

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Rachel Greer

Managing Partner / Principal Consultant

I got my first job at Amazon because of my German language skills from my Master’s in History. Take that, people who said I’d never get a good job with my liberal arts degree! I soon learned that I’m not good at taking orders and started my MBA coursework at Seattle University.

After more than seven years at Amazon in Fraud/Transaction Risk and Product Compliance & Sustainability, I left to spend more time with my husband and two beautiful children and launch my own business. Unfortunately, I thought I needed more stability and went back to Amazon while my talented and capable husband led the company from December 2016 to June 2017. But Amazon no longer fit me, or I didn't fit it anymore. I decided stability was overrated and I am so grateful to be back doing what I love!

In my not significant free time, I do fiber crafts such as spinning, crocheting, and embroidery, and I have been in a community band since 2009, playing French Horn, Trombone, or Euphonium depending on the band’s needs that season.

Keith Greer

Keith Greer

Partner, Logistics Services

I'm experienced in Customer Service and Risk Management with over 16 years employed by Amazon. Ten of those years were in Transaction Risk Management, the department that manages Chargebacks, Seller Performance, and Fraud. I'm also a lifelong musician, having managed and self-produced multiple albums for performing groups I was a part of.

Christina Evans

Christina Evans

Partner, Business Development

I was once described as a creative mind loosely contained. As director of Business Development for, and partner of, Cascadia Seller Solutions, that is a significant advantage! I have a passion for communicating effectively, listening to those around me and finding ways to help them. With 20+ years of background in marketing, administration, real estate management, and radio broadcasting, I am proficient in small business growth, organization, talking (!!!), and building relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunity. Centrally located in Indiana, I am a Pacific Northwest rockabetty at heart and the doting "mother" of two spoiled furbaby rescues: "Benny" (Lhasa Apso) and "Loki" (the chattiest Maine Coon). On a journey to a more fit me, I enjoy playing women's flat track roller derby as "Pinkie RuffRyda", dropping in on a half-pipe, exceeding personal weight-lifting goals, and crushing evil cardio workouts! Also, taking spontaneous road trips, traveling anywhere other than here, engaging in intellectual repartee, spending quality time with my friends and family, ziplining, parasailing, striving daily to earn “Auntie of the Year”, and discovering the best places for an excellent plate of nachos. My personal motto: Dare to succeed.
Emily Murray

Emily Murray

Partner, Content Strategy

After my last stint in Product Safety at Amazon from 2011-2014, I decided a change was in order so I packed up and moved to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to be a travel blogger and freelance writer. I found living in another country to be fantastically inspiring in many ways, and soon after my move, I joined Cascadia. I was then able to focus that creative inspiration on helping clients with really great marketing content, and other aspects of their product launches which they might find daunting. It’s been wonderful! I love helping people, and I love writing. So for me, it’s a match made in heaven.

When not writing content for a client, you’ll probably find me writing for my own enjoyment, or on the stunning beaches of the Riviera Nayarit, soaking up some rays with my beloved pooch Ruby Vroom.

Leoho'onani Texeira

Leoho'onani Texeira

Partner, Product Development

My full name is Leohoonani Texeira, but I’m known as “Leo” (lay-oh). I’m a 3 year former Amazonian, private brands and product management expert. I specialize in brand launches, compliance, and account management for our clients on Amazon. My goal is to help clients think about their strategic growth and operational goals on and off of Amazon.

I grew up on the small island of Molokai and am currently living in Honolulu, Oahu. ​When I’m not traveling the world with my laptop, ​you can find me either surfing, hanging out with my Golden Retriever​ "Lola", or watching my ​​husband's baseball game​s​ – GO BRAVES!

Rain Huang

Rain Huang

Director, Asia Business Development

I'm a 4 year former Amazonian, sourcing consultant, with 12+ years of sourcing experience at large international brands, Target and Home Depot. I manage growing exclusive relationships for international sellers based in Asia so they can be successful selling on Amazon.

Xiangping Belle Yang

Xiangping "Belle" Yang

Product Sourcing Manager

I am a former Amazonian, where I spent 3 years as a sourcing consultant. I have more than ten years of sourcing experience, both at Amazon and sourcing electrical home appliances. As an experienced sourcing consultant, I know how to help clients distinguish between a true factory and a pretender trading company - getting our clients the best possible pricing and long-term relationships with legitimate businesses rather than those who would take advantage of naive entrepreneurs, sadly often found on Alibaba.

I have solved numerous complicated issues successfully with factories to satisfy our clients. Our clients are always my priority! Besides working, I love traveling and hiking.

Erin Zelnio

Erin Zelnio

Compliance Account Manager

I’m a graduate of the University of Iowa in English, with a certificate in Medieval Studies. I have worked previously for five years as a medical marketing copywriter and researcher, and worked at Amazon in the Recalls, Product Safety, and Restricted Products teams for five years from 2011 to 2016, when I joined Cascadia.

I love a well written turn of phrase, hot chocolate, and a really great ball of yarn. I knit for friends and family - not crochet! I enjoy posting a combination of medieval themed articles and political opinions on Facebook when I’m not working or spending time my partner.

Malia Kim

Malia Kim

Compliance Account Manager

I am originally from Maui, Hawaii, and have a BA from the University of Washington in Political Science, with a minor in Law, Society, and Justice. I worked as a paralegal before joining Amazon, and continued to volunteer with the King County Bar Association even while working full time. At Amazon, I first worked in import regulatory compliance and then in the restricted products team writing and refining the rules that found and took down noncompliant products on Amazon. I most recently come from zulily as a business development data analyst focused on increasing ROI on new product acquisition and sales.

I have two adorable Pomeranians, Maya-Bear and Tater-Tot (yes, he’s golden brown and round). I love the ocean, traveling the globe and eating! I also love a particularly good gag gift - life’s too short not to laugh!

Martha Evans

Martha Evans

Seller Account Manager

I am an experienced team member working at a variety of hospitals and small companies over the years. I have an associates in Accounting, and I consider myself to be a strong researcher and effective written communicator.

My two sons are my life, and we often have movie nights together. Bring on the popcorn! Once a week, you can find me and my friends for Survivor night, where we bet on the outcomes of the show and follow the progress of the contestants.

James Ford-Bey

James Ford-Bey

Seller Account Manager

I am a former associate in the financial services sector with 16 years experience in analytical problem resolution and process improvement. I am adept in project work where my skills are beneficial and instrumental in streamlining processes to make them more efficient and effective to benefit growth and expansion.

With a background in strategic investments, I look to increase the long term benefit of companies seeking to make an increased impact especially from a 401(k) and profit sharing perspective.

In my offtime, I enjoy golfing, reading and writing while I also partake in the hobby of Civil War reenacting that teaches the history that some may not truly know.

Marell Morel

Marell Morel

Private Label & Jewelry Consultant

I am a seasoned branded products expert, with a BA from Santa Clara University. I spent 6+ years at Amazon working in Private Brands, Jewelry and launching Handmade at Amazon. Prior to Amazon, I worked at Pottery Barn in their sourcing organization and at Starbucks managing their retail merchandise.

My expertise with home and kitchen goods is unparalleled, after having spent nearly 20 years working in this industry. I also worked extensively in brand growth and sales growth for my managed brands on Amazon. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, running and cooking.

Susanne King

Susanne King

Compliance Consultant

I know how Amazon investigates safety and compliance concerns because I wrote some of their internal investigation procedures. I spent four years at Amazon building out compliance requirements and training their associates. Before that, I spent twenty years helping Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Costco, Eddie Bauer and other large retailers deal with quality, safety and compliance issues on a wide range of products, from hardlines to softlines and food to supplements.

I've seen it all, I've heard it all, and I am here to help you stay out of trouble and deliver successful, safe and compliant products.

When I'm not working, I'm either cooking and eating indulgently or sweating it off in a hot yoga class.

Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans

Client Success Coordinator

I’m an experienced receptionist, having working in dental offices for over 20 years in various capacities. I’m great at customer service, solving problems and calming irate customers. I love doing marketing and learning how to convince people to say yes! I’m also a master scheduler.

On my own time, I'm a runner and I recently completed by first marathon and am now in training for triathlons. My goal is to complete a half ironman! I’m a mom to two teenagers, and I love vacationing in hot weather on the beach!

Elizabeth Holland

Elizabeth Holland

Data Specialist

I’m an experienced customer care and technical support associate, having worked for numerous organizations in Washington over the past 20+ years, including Boeing and Verizon Wireless.

I currently live in Oregon with my beautiful wife Cindy, and in my spare time I fail spectacularly at learning to program computer games (failure is how you learn after all!).
Starla Johnson

Starla Johnson


I have an AA in Accounting and have worked as a bookkeeper for small businesses as well as using my accounting skills as a volunteer for non-profits for over 18 years. I haven’t even met a form or a set of numbers I couldn’t handle. I enjoy snowshoeing in the winter and back-country hiking in the spring, summer and fall. I enjoy playing my guitar and being part of a worship team.

We hired Cascadia because we could not effectively navigate Amazon’s problem resolution process. We were pleased with their rapid and professional responses. If you need help in finding an effective solution when dealing with Amazon issues, call the professionals at Cascadia Seller Solutions. Their expertise will save you countless hours of time. Their extensive contacts and background in all-things-Amazon have paid huge dividends to Immedia Semi.


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