We're former Amazonians,
and we're on your side.

Who we are.

We are former Amazonians

Our team is made up of technical experts with over 60 years of combined experience in: performance, customer experience, sourcing, product compliance, import logistics, private label development, advertising, visual content design, and jewelry.

Our primary mission to help our clients succeed on Amazon.

How we set out to achieve this is founded on a core premise: 

In order for clients to protect and grow their investment on Amazon, they need to focus on the long game and doing things the right way. Long-term Partnerships are who we are.

Our Core Team

VP, Business Development

With 20+ years of background in marketing, administration, real estate management, and radio broadcasting, I am proficient in small business growth, organization, talking (!!!), and building relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunity.

Leohoonani Texeira

Partner, Client Experience

3 year former Amazonian, managing Private Brands programs in multiple Amazon owned private brands and Import Vendors. Leo holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from the University of San Diego.

James Ford-Bey

Consultant, Amazon Catalog

4 year Cascadia veteran, James was previously at Venguard as a specialist supporting clients to achieve their financial goals. James handles all kinds of difficult and frustrating situations with Amazon with ease.

Planning and Performance

3 year former Amazonian and restricted products expert. Experienced inventory planner. Graduate of the University of Washington with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Law, Society, and Justice.

We are THE Amazon experts.

We understand Amazon’s ecosystem from the ground up, all of the tools, procedures, and confusing interactions with Seller Support!

Our Account Managers are all trained by our former Amazon consulting team. Our operations team is based in the Philippines, able to quickly handle your concerns.

Sellers Helped
Products Managed
Years Combined Experience
Reinstatement Success Rate


Cascadia was created to help businesses navigate the myriad compliance challenges that are part of a product business on Amazon. We realized that many companies struggled with nearly everything in the unique Amazon ecosystem, from advertising, to content marketing, to shipping and sales. At Cascadia, we say that success on Amazon is a long-game play, often taking 9-18 months for your product to achieve consistent page one keyword rankings and drive consistent sales for each product.

And like the Cascadia movement, we support our team’s independence and the independent, entrepreneurial spirit of our clients. We’re friendly and open-minded too, so you can count on us to offer real solutions when you get stuck in the Amazon mire.


We’re always happy to help find the solution for your selling needs. We’re an email based company, but are happy to respond to you in whatever way most suits your needs!