Product Inspections for Importers

Product Inspections are a must for every importer or private labeler/contract manufacturer. It is possible to outsource to independent inspectors, but typically we at Cascadia only work with accredited laboratories to perform product inspections. In China, SE Asia, India, and Indonesia, we charge $309/man day flat rate, with a nominal travel surcharge for factory locations … Read more

Making of a product

There are many online guides to help new potential brand owners sell their imported creations on Amazon. They all use a variety of methods to get at knowing “which product” will do well on Amazon. But, it is not that simple. At Cascadia Seller Solutions, we specialize in helping brands succeed on Amazon, whether you … Read more

Greater Regulatory Activity from CPSC – Importer Liability for Product Safety

Two days ago, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) filed suit against Spectrum Brands, a company that imported a Black & Decker coffeemaker and failed to report that it was unsafe when customers complained, then continued to sell the recalled goods after the recall was announced. Usually when these lawsuits are filed, I know who … Read more

Private Label Compliance for FBA Sellers: Going Global

There is a huge opportunity globally to expand into private label in new marketplaces. First, CA and the US are only 24% and 17%, respectively, in percent of private label market share. That is a HUGE opportunity, when compared with locations in Europe, which are 32-46%. But, much more exciting is the very low private … Read more

Private Label Compliance for FBA Sellers: Getting Started

Search for how to make money on Amazon FBA, and there are many results and suggestions, one of which is for building out a private label business – you too can make $100k on Amazon! Essentially, you find a top seller on Amazon, you look on Alibaba for a supplier who can produce something similar, … Read more

Innovators: compliance for Kickstarter

So, you’re on Kickstarter, you’ve come up with a really neat idea, and you want to start production now that you’ve gotten funding. You’ve found a good lawyer, you’ve got your CPA, you’ve found a Customs broker, and you’re ready to start production! But how do you decide which producer should mass produce your product? … Read more

Useful Links for product compliance testing, certification, or labeling in US, CA, and EU

If you’re a small seller or vendor, you may not be aware of the many regulations that your product may be subject to. Here are a few links to get you started. Any support you need in evaluating your products or determining next steps, use the Contact form. Note: Food and Drugs are deliberately excluded … Read more

100% Bamboo: Why textile sellers need to care about product labeling and the FTC

Read about the four national retailers agree pay penalties totaling 126 million “The companies have agreed to pay the following civil penalties to settle the FTC’s charges: Sears ($475,000), Amazon ($455,000), Macy’s ($250,000), and Leon Max ($80,000).  The penalties reflect how long the companies continued to sell mislabeled textiles after receiving an FTC warning letter … Read more

The Impact of Increasing Civil Penalties on Building Your Compliance Program

At the end of April, Black & Decker agreed to a sizable civil penalty for failing to report unsafe electric lawnmowers within the required 24 hours. “Black & Decker’s persistent inability to follow these vital product safety reporting laws calls into question their commitment to the safety of their customers. They have a lot … Read more