Product Inspections for Importers

Product Inspections are a must for every importer or private labeler/contract manufacturer. It is possible to outsource to independent inspectors, but typically we at Cascadia only work with accredited laboratories to perform product inspections. In China, SE Asia, India, and Indonesia, we charge $309/man day flat rate, with a nominal travel surcharge for factory locations … Read more

Importing with FBA

In the promo image for Fulfillment by Amazon, the graphic starts with sending the products to Amazon. But what if you’re importing? Your graphic has a few more items – selecting a supplier, validating your goods, and navigating the complex world of international logistics. There are two major challenges when importing with the intention of … Read more

Introducing Cascadia Seller Solutions

A little about me, I received my MBA from Seattle University in December of 2010. I traveled to India and to China with SU sponsored study tours, with access to companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, GE, Times of India, Brother, Expeditors, Hero-Honda, and more. My specialty is international business and global operations management in a … Read more