How to Sell Wholesale as a Reseller on Amazon

You’re probably wondering if selling wholesale on Amazon really works…well, we’re here to tell you that it can and does work!  It’s no mystery as to how Amazon successfully sells an incredible variety of products. Wholesale is the key to much of Amazon’s success because it allows Amazon sellers to buy bulk products from other … Read more

The Infringer and the Infringed: Why You Need to Master IP on Amazon

coca cola branding

Coca-Cola was sold in every state in the US by 1900. As its popularity grew, so did the competition. Simple bottles made it easy to copy the shape and even logo of Coca-Cola drinks – they had to find a way to protect their brand. Their innovative concept – design a custom bottle and patent … Read more

Podcast: Amazon Seller Performance for Private Labelers

Cascadia’s founder and resident Private Label guru, Rachel Greer, is this week’s featured guest on “The Private Label Podcast” with Kevin Rizer. Click here to listen. Topics of Discussion: Multiple Seller Accounts: Why Does Amazon care about them and how to get them approved Fraud, and how Amazon prevents it by limiting multiple seller accounts Why … Read more