Podcast: Amazon Seller Performance for Private Labelers

Cascadia’s founder and resident Private Label guru, Rachel Greer, is this week’s featured guest on “The Private Label Podcast” with Kevin Rizer. Click here to listen.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Multiple Seller Accounts: Why Does Amazon care about them and how to get them approved
  • Fraud, and how Amazon prevents it by limiting multiple seller accounts
  • Why Seller Performance does not communicate with Sellers directly
  • Preventative measures for staying out of trouble with Amazon
  • Common “reviews” mistakes that Sellers make
  • Why it matters to listen to customer reviews
  • What a branded product is and what goes into it
  • Handling hijackers
  • Does Amazon care about Sellers?
  • Why customer experience is number one
  • The importance of providing excellent customer service and how Amazon is tracking yours
  • Why you should understand your Customer Dissatisfaction Rate and how it may impact your Seller account
  • Common product compliance issues
    • Product Testing
    • Product Packaging
    • Quality Assurance
  • Best approach for performance warnings and suspension remedies
  • Knowing your defect rates and how it impacts your seller rating
  • Translating inspection rates into probable defect rates
  • Best practices for interacting with Seller Performance
  • Easy-to-understand Plans of Action
About the Author
I was once described as a creative mind loosely contained. As director of Business Development for, and partner of, Cascadia Seller Solutions, that is a significant advantage! I have a passion for communicating effectively, listening to those around me and finding ways to help them. With 20+ years of background in marketing, administration, real estate management, and radio broadcasting, I am proficient in small business growth, organization, talking (!!!), and building relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunity.

5 thoughts on “Podcast: Amazon Seller Performance for Private Labelers”

  1. I had figured out the link after I submitted my comment. You talk about product packaging or the three things that are legally required on all products. Legally required by whom? I can see how some products, like food that are regulated by the FDA on what is on the label, etc. If you were selling a beauty product for example, which govt says you must have the product inside a package, like a blister pack stating country of origin, mfg name, etc? Thus far, I’ve only used plastic selves and a printed insert inside a Kraft envelope when sending my PL beauty related product to Amz. Never had an issue so far, but starting to think I should spend the money on something like a blister package. My product is literally the best on the market, my reviews confirm that so I spent all of my cost & focus on that, not packaging. Blister packaging isn’t cheap and there is a lot to that…

    • Would this be considered packaging? Have a label printed and apply it to the padded Kraft envelope before shipping to amazon? It would then have the product and insert inside. You could say it is different kind of packaging and not standard like at a retail store but more durable for going through the mail.

  2. Hi Curtis – FPLA (Fair Packaging and Labeling Act) is enforced by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). You are required to include the net quantity/weight, the product name, and the importer/manufacturer name and address. FTC has recently permitted website instead of physical address, since the website is required to have the physical address. Country of origin is required by US Customs (Tariff Act of 1930 I believe). What you describe with a label is entirely compliant with the regulation. 🙂


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