Amazon suspended me!


If you have received a Suspension notification from Amazon it is critical that your next steps are the right ones. 

We know how incredibly stressful suspensions are and we are ready to help you through it.

At Cascadia, many of our team members come from Amazon Compliance which uniquely positions us to be able to help you resolve these issues. We help guide you to take the correct steps toward reinstatement! 

In addition to our knowledge of Amazons processes, what sets Cascadia’s reinstatement services apart is our review process.

We perform a comprehensive analysis or “deep dive” so that we can get a clear picture of your entire account and equip you with the valuable information and insights it provides.

This empowers you to proactively manage your account, increase your businesses growth, and avoid suspension in the future.

Our goal.

Our goal is for you to turn this suspension crisis into a growth opportunity. 

Cascadia’s current account reinstatement success rate is 91%. Because we value data driven results and setting the right expectation, we do not artificially inflate our success rates.

During the reinstatement process you always receive our honest assessment at every point along the way.

Finally, no matter how tough your case may seem, we always give our best efforts!

Our specialty.

Cascadia specializes in difficult product quality ASIN suspension issues:
  • Inauthentic
  • Used sold as new
  • Safety incidents
  • And more!
Our Amazon experience enables us to understand how to help you fix the root cause and prevent future listing suspensions.

How we work


Decide you want to work with us (great choice!). Then purchase your reinstatement service below.


You receive an acknowledgement of your case within 4 business hours of sign-up


We sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement, and then deep dive your account, so you’re fully aware of what’s going on before taking action.


We then provide you with our honest assessment regarding your reinstatement options and use our research to create a corrective draft Plan of Action for Amazon.

our plans


Choose which type of Listing Reinstatement you need.


Choose how quickly you need your Amazon account back.


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Experienced and ready to help.

At Cascadia Seller Solutions, we know Amazon expects “immediate and aggressive” action to resolve the issues you face. How do we know? Because we’re former Amazon employees, having spent 60 cumulative years in such areas as Compliance, Customer Service, Product Development, and Seller Support.

We write the content to help Amazon understand your point of view, and we are tenacious in getting eyes on your appeal. Our team may not always be successful, but we exhaust all options every time, even when success isn’t guaranteed.

To get started request an ASIN Reinstatement or fill out the form below.


24-hour turnaround


1-5+ day turnaround

As business stakeholders or owners, when Amazon suspends one product listing that your company’s livelihood depends on, your heart skips a beat. Moreover, the notices & messages Amazon sends regarding the suspensions are notoriously & woefully cryptic, at best. This is where we’ve found solace by turning to Cascadia, our relationship counselor with Amazon. They helped us decode Amazon’s enigmatic messages, understand their perspective, concoct a plan of escalating action to be executed even through the weekend, with a “whatever it takes” attitude. And because of that, anywhere between a matter of days to a couple of weeks, in return Amazon forgave us, and welcomed us back with open arms. We owe our continued business continuity to Cascadia.


After selling on Amazon for 4+ years, I thought I knew how to speak to Amazon and I wasn't sure how Cascadia could help us getting our listing back. But thankfully they did an amazing job and really know the "language of Amazon" at a deep level. It was fantastic to speak with them and start to understand what Amazon truly wants and needs to hear from us in these situations. They saved the day! If you have any compliance or performance issues with Amazon, definitely contact Cascadia! We had actually done nothing wrong but I'm really not sure we would have ever got our listing back without Cascadia's help. Well worth the investment!

luke peter
amazon seller

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