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At Cascadia, we help brands with $10M or less in revenue on Amazon to grow their revenue and curate their marketing message on the Amazon Marketplace.

Dozens of brands managed, 700+ sellers helped, tens of thousands of SKUs launched, over $10MM in product sales achieved...and counting.

Who We Are

Cascadia Seller Solutions helps brands like yours grow their business on Amazon, as well as social media and their own website. 

We support our clients with achieving their business growth goals.

This could mean making Amazon their flagship presence online, with a beautifully built-out Storefront, enhanced brand pages, videos, and other excellent content.

Or, it could mean a structured and return-based advertising strategy to grow rank and sales on long-tail keywords.

It could also mean a Storefront on Amazon, supplemented with a beautiful and converting off-Amazon website and social media presence.

Winning on Amazon is a simple equation:

TRAFFIC plus CONVERSION minus DEFECTS equals Growth

How we help you win on Amazon

Our 3-Step Signature Process


Grow Traffic

We grow your traffic through effective and consistent advertising as well as use of data to optimize listings for search on Amazon and Google.


Increase Conversion

We increase your conversions by creating optimized detail page content including beautiful photography and videos.


Reduce Defects

We reduce defects by improving your packaging, ensuring accurate descriptions, regularly filing for reimbursements, and handling any seller performance issues quickly and effectively.


Off-Amazon Strategies

Off Amazon, we act as your brand representative and work with highly qualified independent consultants who are experts in WordPress and Social Media channels to grow your brands and funnel traffic onto Amazon.  We also support with pitching to retailers like Sephora, zulily, and more.

What others are saying about working with us:

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Cascadia helped us develop two new products to supplement our successful flagship product and worked with us to change our instock strategy to minimize the boom/bust approach we'd had previously. They created a beautiful Storefront that reflected our brand's message with custom photography and a new video to tell our product's story.

Amazon Private Label Seller
Shoes Category

My primary selling account was suspended on amazon in July 2017; Rachel and her team provided a massive amount of value in drafting the documents and correspondence to Amazon. We had things escalated and eventually got a phone call with Amazon's Legal department. I was so grateful to have Rachel on that call, which I believe lead to our selling account being reinstated. I would have fumbled over everything I wanted to say, she represented me terrifically and got the result I needed. I'm grateful beyond measure and would recommend Cascadia if you get in a pinch!

S. Roney
Amazon Seller

Year after year, our trade show purchase orders were dropping, and we weren't growing on Amazon. After working with Cascadia, we have grown consistently 1.5x annually over the past two years, exceeding our goals for the channel.

Camping & Outdoors Brand

Since contacting Cascadia, we were so encouraged to see very positive results within the first weeks of our association.  It has been so enjoyable to work with such a united team that concentrates on every aspect of our Amazon offerings. Every team member has a high level of expertise in their specific area and everyone knows exactly how Amazon operates, as they have all worked on the inside of Amazon. What an advantage that gives us!

The Cascadia team of professionals handles every aspect of your Amazon business, improving every single detail. It is a great comfort to put that portion of your business in such capable hands so you focus on the rest of your business.

Business Owner
established 50+ year brand

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Why Amazon?

  • 95 MILLION Americans have Amazon Prime memberships.
  • Amazon Prime members spend an average of $1.4k per year on Amazon.
  • Consumers purchased over 100 MILLION products on Prime Day 2018.
  • 9 out of 10 consumers “price check” products on Amazon.
  • 43% of teens say that Amazon is their favorite shopping site.
  • Whole Foods prices decreased 43% after Amazon acquired the grocery chain.
  • Amazon’s ad spend was $3.4 BILLION in 2017.
  • 2% of Echo owners have seamlessly purchased a product via Alexa.
Cascadia Seller Solutions is led by Rachel Johnson Greer, former Amazonbasics program manager

We’re proud to call the Pacific Northwest home.

The Pacific Northwest is a big part of who we are at Cascadia. We love a good roast and getting out for a morning hike. We adore music festivals and farmers’ markets. We guess it’s no wonder then why we chose our name based on the Cascade Mountains.

How We Help

We provide strategic consultation, coaching, and brand management services for new brands, existing brands that are new to Amazon, and new or established brands struggling on Amazon.

Through our extensive inside Amazon experience and focus on Amazon Marketplace, we help brands grow consistently and predictably within Amazon Terms of Service.

We help

  • Brands and sellers who are new to Amazon or e-commerce to launch on Amazon effectively
  • Identify areas for under-performing brands to grow and succeed on Amazon
  • Support established brands to make incremental changes and improvements to consistently grow

Our Services

Here’s some of what we can help you with:

  • Consultation on Amazon issues and strategy
  • Assortment planning and bundling/sets strategy
  • Development of new products and packaging with our dedicated team in China
  • Content creation and optimization (written content, photography, videography, graphics)
  • Off-Amazon optimization to grow sales/revenue on Amazon
  • Customized advertising strategy using Amazon Marketplace
  • Customer feedback tracking and management
  • New product and brand launch services
  • Using marketplace advertising reports for SEO
  • Campaign reporting, analytics and management
  • Social media management and advertising
  • Reimbursement filing and shipping plan/in-stock planning consultation
  • Promotions and coupon planning
  • Comprehensive off-Amazon strategy (wholesale, website, social)
  • Owner and employee training through high quality, step-by-step, and actionable course content

Our Difference

To launch on Amazon, it can be overwhelming seeing hundreds of blank, obtuse fields that make it easy to miss what’s important.

Since every listing has to be managed and optimized individually, trying to decide how to grow consistently on a budget can be daunting.

With Cascadia Seller Solutions, you’re supported by a family-owned and operated agency with a unique level of inside Amazon experience, and team members who respect your company’s values and financial priorities.

We offer three standard marketing plans from which to choose. Our Whidbey Plan covers basic content optimization/launch and advertising on Marketplace. The San Juans plan covers up to 10 hours of coaching or consultation monthly, plus everything in the Whidbey Plan. Our Vancouver plan covers all of our “on Amazon” services. Customized plans are available upon request.

Cascadia Seller Solutions team for Amazon sellers


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