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At Cascadia, we help founders and early stage startups to grow their revenue and curate their marketing message on the Amazon Marketplace.

Dozens of brands managed, 700+ sellers helped, tens of thousands of SKUs launched, over $10MM in product sales achieved...and counting.

Winning on Amazon is a simple equation:

TRAFFIC plus CONVERSION minus DEFECTS equals Growth

How we help you win on Amazon

Our 3-Step Signature Process


Grow Traffic

We grow your traffic through effective and consistent advertising as well as use of data to optimize listings for search on Amazon and Google.


Increase Conversion

We increase your conversions by creating optimized detail page content including beautiful photography and videos.


Reduce Defects

We reduce defects by improving your packaging, ensuring accurate descriptions, regularly filing for reimbursements, and handling any seller performance issues quickly and effectively.

Why Amazon?

  • 95 MILLION Americans have Amazon Prime memberships.
  • Amazon Prime members spend an average of $1.4k per year on Amazon.
  • Consumers purchased over 100 MILLION products on Prime Day 2018.
  • 9 out of 10 consumers “price check” products on Amazon.
  • 43% of teens say that Amazon is their favorite shopping site.
  • Whole Foods prices decreased 43% after Amazon acquired the grocery chain.
  • Amazon’s ad spend was $3.4 BILLION in 2017.
  • 2% of Echo owners have seamlessly purchased a product via Alexa.
Cascadia Seller Solutions is led by Rachel Johnson Greer, former Amazonbasics program manager

Our Services

Here’s some of what we can help you with:

  • Consultation on Amazon issues and strategy
  • Assortment planning and bundling/sets strategy
  • Development of new products and packaging with our dedicated team in China
  • Content creation and optimization (written content, photography, videography, graphics)
  • Off-Amazon optimization to grow sales/revenue on Amazon
  • Customized advertising strategy using Amazon Marketplace
  • Customer feedback tracking and management
  • New product and brand launch services
  • Using marketplace advertising reports for SEO
  • Campaign reporting, analytics and management
  • Social media management and advertising
  • Reimbursement filing and shipping plan/in-stock planning consultation
  • Promotions and coupon planning
  • Comprehensive off-Amazon strategy (wholesale, website, social)
  • Owner and employee training through high quality, step-by-step, and actionable course content

An example of client results:

  • Results on Amazon can take awhile, depending on what changes need to be made. Sometimes, you will need to change your factory, update your regulatory compliance, rework packaging, or any number of changes to prepare for significant growth.

  • In this case, multiple adjustments needed to be made before the advertising campaign was begun in the fall of 2018. Once it was begun, it took a few months to adjust to the client’s desired ACoS of 14%.
  • Along with pricing adjustments made by the company, the advertising drove revenue growth and caused a stockout in spring 2019. Since then, we’ve started to work with the client to standardize their logistics and operations in China and improve operational efficiency.

  • Whether you’re starting with a lot in sales and want to improve, or if you’re experiencing a slump in sales, or if you’re just starting on Amazon – we can help!

We are confident we're the right choice for succeeding on Amazon... and to prove it to you, we offer a free personalized listing and branding evaluation.

Just submit the request form to get started!

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