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Rachel Greer founder of Cascadia

About Rachel Greer

founder and managing partner

After more than seven years at Amazon in Fraud/Transaction Risk and Product Compliance & Sustainability, I left to spend more time with my husband and two beautiful children and launch my own business...Cascadia Seller Solutions!

Our passion here at Cascadia is helping Amazon sellers like you launch, maintain and grow your account within Amazon Terms of Service. We are THE Amazon experts. We understand Amazon's ecosystem from the ground up, all of the tools, procedures, and confusing interactions with Seller Support! So if this what you're needing help with, you're at the right place!

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"The team at Cascadia are top notch. We have used them for their Account Monitoring Service for our brands for some time now and we find the information that they provide us with invaluable. As a busy entrepreneur, it's difficult to stay on top of all of the detail and yet this information is so essential. This is where Cascadia's weekly reports come in so useful to give us a bird's eye view on any challenges that we need to address. I would highly recommend."

kevin rizer
Private Label Movement

"I was miserably failing at answering Seller-Performance questions and concerns regarding one of my products. I turned to Cascadia for their expertise and help. Their team was comforting and understanding to my situation. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders once they took point."

emily schulz
co-founder & ceo, PCB Brands

"My biggest concern was that costs would come up that I was not expecting. Instead, I was provided with estimates ahead of time and all the costs were exactly what was laid out by Cascadia. My favorite part is being involved in every step of the development process – creating my brand and selecting my products."

jeff cohen
EVP Sales and Marketing, Seller Labs

“If you are serious about selling and thriving on Amazon, partnering up with Cascadia can be the difference between success and failure in your venture.

The entire Cascadia team is highly competent, knowledgeable, upfront and super professional and a pleasure to work with and I plan on working with them for years to come.”

Ed Rosenberg
Founder, Amazon Sellers Telegram Group

“Cascadia makes complicated, boring topics like product testing and compliance with regulations and Amazon policy exciting and relevant to a seller. I saw Rachel [founder] speak at SCOE in October and everyone was taking notes.

I have personally benefited from her insider knowledge with some of my own clients where Amazon wasn’t providing clear communication.”

cynthia stine
President, eGrowth Partners

We’re proud to call the Pacific Northwest home.

The Pacific Northwest is a big part of who we are at Cascadia. We love a good roast and getting out for a morning hike. We adore music festivals and farmers’ markets. We guess it’s no wonder then why we chose our name based on the Cascade Mountains.

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