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Come work with the only Amazon Marketplace Seller consulting group with over 80 years of insider experience as former Amazon employees. We work with integrity, honesty, and patience - there are no shortcuts to a solid, long-term business strategy! Email UsOur team

Experiencing an Amazon emergency?

We provide a comprehensive account review so you can understand what’s happening on your account prior to taking a course of action. We will never lie to you about your potential for reinstatement, and we are willing to take on long shot cases other firms may not. Our current reinstatement rate is 84%.

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Before working with Cascadia, my biggest concern was the potential of permanently losing one of my product listings. I was miserably failing at answering Seller-Performance questions and concerns regarding one of my products. I spent hours writing up what I thought was an excellent plan of action to correct the issue at hand only to find that I was digging a deeper grave for myself. I turned to Cascadia for their expertise and help. Their team was comforting and understanding to my situation. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders once they took point. Cascadia went to work for me and had my listing approved within a short period of time

E. Schultz


There is a real benefit to hiring expert help when you’re in crisis and Cascadia is definitely that. I even hired them afterward on a monthly basis to keep my account healthy; they are worth every cent and I am happy to pay them.

Urich G.


Half off your first month

Do you know what your metrics are telling you? Do you know what your worst sellers are? How about what that listing suspension means for you? We provide actionable advice and daily support, as needed and directed by our clients.

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Specializing in Compliance and Development

We specialize in particularly difficult product quality ASIN suspension issues: inauthentic, used sold as new, safety incident, and more! Our team has years of experience in Amazon’s compliance teams and understand how to help you fix the root cause and prevent future listing suspensions.

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For the first time in our three-year selling career, we had a product suspended. We noticed Amazon cracking down on sellers and also noticed the black hat competitors were getting more creative with their attacks. When you have one chance to clear up your account, you have to make sure it’s right. If you don’t do a good job, you can be banned from selling that SKU. That was terrifying. We heard back from the Performance team within a few hours of submitting the proposal and were back selling. A huge relief!

Tyler Davis


My biggest concern was that costs would come up that I was not expecting. Instead, I was provided with estimates ahead of time and all the costs were exactly what was laid out by Cascadia. My favorite part is being involved in every step of the development process – creating my brand and selecting my products.

Kent D.

Coaching Student

Personalized 1:1 Coaching from Product Development Experts

Our coaching team has more than 15 years of combined Amazon experience, and over three decades of experience working in product development. Whether you just want to take our course and get feedback, have a 1:1 coach throughout your launch process, or have our consultants do the development work for you, we’re here to support your goals.

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Dedicated Account Manager for your business

Are you tired of making no money on your vendor account? Or are you growing your Amazon process after successful brick and mortar growth? Perhaps you just have one area that you need to outsource, like listing creation or customer service, or a full management project – learn more about what we offer!

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From the service provided perspective – Cascadia’s service is simply excellent. Their highly responsive team gives concise explanations to any matter. Professionally, all of the consultants have been on the other side (Amazon). Each of them specializes in their own field, but all know how things work on Amazon. In addition, they know how things need to work in order for you, as a seller, to succeed on Amazon. They want things to work for you. Your success is their success, and they are there to help your Amazon business grow.

Tomer Harel


Working with her team is as if I have a staff of experts at my company. I worked with Rachel to vet the product idea and to find out about testing and compliance issues, Rain to verify my supplier, Emily to run the on-site inspection after the product was manufactured, and Jennifer to handle customs and freight forwarding. Add the very capable Christina to oversee and facilitate the process, and you’ve got a powerhouse mix. These experts used their years of Amazon and retail business to help me with my product. I have to say that this is the best business decision I’ve made. I feel like I have the most qualified people in the business shepherding me and my product through a very complicated process in a way that conforms to the highest legal and professional standards.

Denise L.


Grow your business

No one wants to deal with payroll, taxes, human resources, or the risk of full time employees – let us support your company with part time team members in the US and China. The team members have varying levels of expertise from customer service to sponsored ads, to product sourcing and packaging design, to Shopify site development to Facebook page management.

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We’ve helped companies go from zero to $10k a day on Amazon in a few months. We’ve helped get back listings costing our client thousands a day in sales within a few days even after the client’s plan was initially rejected by Amazon. We’ve helped clients realize their dreams of starting their own product line on Amazon, compliant with Terms of Service and the laws and regulations of the destination country. We are focused on Amazon seller success, and we want to hear from you today!

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