3 Solutions for Compliance Automation

After reviewing a dozen PDF test reports, you may want to throw your hands up in despair – how many test reports do I need to review?? Or entering data in, one after another, creating another CAP by hand – there has to be a better way to do this, it IS 2015 after all!

There is a better way to manage your product testing compliance program, and the level of automation you can support is largely department on your budget and willingness to expend the initial effort. Cascadia Seller Solutions can support with multiple automation project types, depending on your goals.

1) Global Package: using a service such as Oracle Agile PLM, Amazon’s AWS, and sophisticated Excel data sheets, your product compliance program can be fully automated based on whatever input you choose from your company’s data warehouse or ERP system. The real benefit of this solution is that you can manage compliance down to the individual chemical and component level, which is especially helpful if you’re selling any products to the EU or if you’re trying to issue certificates based on component testing in the US. This approach requires the most up front set-up, but is the most secure and manageable way to handle global chemicals regulations and component compliance. It is also the right approach for a very large catalog of products which are difficult to manage using Excel or naming conventions on file names. This setup can take from 3-6 months of dedicated work with Cascadia Seller Solutions and partner firms to handle the technology, depending on the quantity of products you handle.

2) Regional Package: using Amazon AWS, macro enabled Microsoft Access or MySQL, and sophisticated Excel data sheets, your program can be semi-automated, using limited touches when new products need to be set up, and alerting you when it’s time to renew testing or certification for a particular product/region. This approach is more simple, and thus it is more difficult to manage component testing. However, if you are a trading company, smaller manufacturer, work primarily in one region (not EU), or do more private label/white label goods, then this may be the best option for you. This setup can take from 2-4 months with Cascadia Seller Solutions.

3) Outsourced Package: if you are a small manufacturer, have a limited number of regulated products, or a limited budget, you can fully outsource your compliance program, so that you don’t have to worry about the document storage and certification renewal requirements. These can be tracked and flagged for you, and you would simply be invoiced for the work when it’s completed. If you have a limited number of products and certificates are on a yearly renewal schedule, then this may be the best option for you. This setup can take about a week to set up and manage with Cascadia Seller Solutions.

About the Author
Rachel Johnson Greer is a global business strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs increase their internet product sales, curate their brand image online and avoid catastrophic legal threats. After getting her MBA in international business at Seattle University, she spent nearly a decade at Amazon working in product development. Since then, Rachel has founded companies that reached both multi-six figure and multi-seven figure growth in under three years.

As a business coach, she supports clients in everything from international product expansion to 4x-ing their sales through online retailers. Rachel is frequently sought out by the media and has appeared on the Today Show, CNBC, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. When she’s not working with clients, she’s scaring friends at parties with stories about the most problematic online products she’s found in their homes. She lives in Seattle, Washington.