Private Label Compliance for FBA Sellers: Going Global

There is a huge opportunity globally to expand into private label in new marketplaces. First, CA and the US are only 24% and 17%, respectively, in percent of private label market share. That is a HUGE opportunity, when compared with locations in Europe, which are 32-46%. But, much more exciting is the very low private … Read more

Private Label Compliance for FBA Sellers: Getting Started

Search for how to make money on Amazon FBA, and there are many results and suggestions, one of which is for building out a private label business – you too can make $100k on Amazon! Essentially, you find a top seller on Amazon, you look on Alibaba for a supplier who can produce something similar, … Read more

Importing with FBA

In the promo image for Fulfillment by Amazon, the graphic starts with sending the products to Amazon. But what if you’re importing? Your graphic has a few more items – selecting a supplier, validating your goods, and navigating the complex world of international logistics. There are two major challenges when importing with the intention of … Read more