100% Bamboo: Why textile sellers need to care about product labeling and the FTC

Read about the four national retailers agree pay penalties totaling 126 million “The companies have agreed to pay the following civil penalties to settle the FTC’s charges: Sears ($475,000), Amazon ($455,000), Macy’s ($250,000), and Leon Max ($80,000).  The penalties reflect how long the companies continued to sell mislabeled textiles after receiving an FTC warning letter … Read more

The Impact of Increasing Civil Penalties on Building Your Compliance Program

At the end of April, Black & Decker agreed to a sizable civil penalty for failing to report unsafe electric lawnmowers within the required 24 hours. http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Newsroom/News-Releases/2015/Black-and-Decker-Agrees-to-1575-Million-Dollar-Civil-Penalty-Internal-Compliance-Program-for-Failure-to-Report-Defective-Lawnmowers/ “Black & Decker’s persistent inability to follow these vital product safety reporting laws calls into question their commitment to the safety of their customers. They have a lot … Read more