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When deciding to launch or grow your account on Amazon, answers to the following questions will help Cascadia Seller Solutions better understand your needs and expectations, thus how we can help you succeed in your growth efforts.

Our founder Rachel Johnson Greer has spoken at multiple global conferences, including the largest Amazon selling conference, The PROSPER Show. Her knowledge and expertise after 8 years at Amazon, and 4 years consulting on Amazon Marketplace, has made Cascadia’s programs the reliable, quality choice for brands wanting to grow on Marketplace.

Welcome to the Cascadia Family of Brands!

Since contacting Cascadia, we were so encouraged to see very positive results within the first weeks of our association. It has been so enjoyable to work with such a united team that concentrates on every aspect of our Amazon offerings. Every team member has a high level of expertise in their specific area and everyone knows exactly how Amazon operates, as they have all worked on the inside of Amazon. What an advantage that gives us!
The Cascadia team of professionals handles every aspect of your Amazon business, improving every single detail. It is a great comfort to put that portion of your business in such capable hands so you focus on the rest of your business.

Business Owner established 50+ year brand


Year after year, our trade show purchase orders were dropping, and we weren’t growing on Amazon. After working with Cascadia, we have grown consistently 1.5x annually over the past two years, exceeding our goals for the channel.