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Recently Amazon has begun to offer their marketing enhancement tools to a wider base of sellers, which is great news for a lot of people! If you qualify, and you’re not already taking advantage of it, you really should be.

Sellers who currently have their products in the Brand Registry already qualify, and the link is already available to you within Seller Central under the Advertising tab.

If you manufacture your own products and own your brand, you absolutely should get yourself into the Brand Registry! Not only does it offer protection from some of the games other sellers like to play, it also gets you access to the free Enhanced Brand Content, which Amazon estimates offers a 3-10% higher conversion rate. So it’s a no-brainer right?

So, once you’re in the Brand Registry and have access to the Enhanced Brand Content, how do you create attention-grabbing copy?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

My best advice when starting out making your own ad copy is “don’t market to yourself”.

  1. Don’t pick photos that you just think are cute
  2. Don’t use too much slang
  3. Don’t make things too esoteric for your target customer
  4. No hard to read fonts or tiny photos that are hard to view without zooming in
  5. Don’t make your customer do any work at all!

Your job is only to make them believe this thing you’re selling is the exact answer to their problems.

In order to get out of the mindset of creating something that only appeals to me, and possibly not to my audience, is to work up an analysis of what’s already out there. I’m selling this widget, and there are probably other widgets out there like it.

So what do the ads on Amazon (and other sites) look like for those other widgets? Are they informative and helpful? What do their Q&A sections say? If customers are asking the same questions, or questions that really could have been answered within the copy of the ad, then this is your time to shine… a way that your ad could be different and better!

What about photos… do they help you get a feel for the product’s size, weight, color, various uses, etc?

For example if it’s a Bluetooth speaker you’re selling, how about a photo of it in a person’s hand? Otherwise, how do I know if it fits in my bag and I can take it to the beach?

If it’s jewelry, a photo of a human wearing the item might be the way to go. If you just give me a photo of a pretty necklace with no reference to size, even if I think it’s very beautiful, I’ll hesitate and will probably not buy it. Why? Because the ad hasn’t answered my biggest question: what will it look like on me?

I’ve also learned that it’s not necessary even desirable to have just photos of the product itself, particularly where EBC is concerned. By the time your customer scrolls to your EBC, theoretically you have a solid detail page wherein a lot of the basic questions are already answered, so EBC is a chance to expand on your brand’s message:

  1. What feelings can your product bring to the customer?
  2. What emotions are triggered?
  3. What other relatable experiences can you show the customer to illustrate your message?

For example, perhaps you’ve just created a great new camping tent. Maybe in your enhanced content, you don’t include a photo of a tent at all… maybe instead you can include photos of deer, bears, close-ups of pine needles, action shots of white water rafting, beautiful panoramas that call to mind the feeling of being outdoors.

Another great way to glean information from what’s already out there, is reading through the reviews on existing listings.

What do people have to say about the other widgets being sold in your space? What do people love, and what do they not love so much? What ways can your ad copy address questions and concerns that your potential customers may have, before they even know they have them?

At the end of the day, you’re selling an experience, just as much as you’re selling a product.

What does that experience look and feel like? It’s your task to illustrate that.

Lost? Confused? Wondering where to go with this? Please feel free to reach out to us, we’re always happy to help!

Do you need Enhanced Brand Content? Or perhaps you want to explore partnering with Cascadia on your account? Request more information today!
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