Ungating on Amazon:

If there’s one topic that seems to be a consistently hot one on Amazon, it’s ungating. The short story with it is that you can’t just automatically sell in whatever category you want to on Amazon. The Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Grocery, and Fine Jewelry categories are “gated” which means they are off-limits unless and until you go through the application process.

And what a process it is!

But luckily, we’ve done it before.

With Amazon it can be really hard to jump in and hit the ground running; there are a hundred ways for you to get mired in more steps, more paperwork, more requirements and more frustration. So we put it all into a course, including downloadable guides for each category and learning about how to evaluate your own certificates like Amazon does.

As a new seller, or a seller who is newly facing ungating, it is critical to understand the reasons for ungating so that you can be prepared when you need to request documents from your suppliers for review by Amazon. You should also know which subcategories are gated so that you can prepare for those costs as you’re rolling out your new business. In most cases, brand or subcategory ungating runs anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. That is a significant expense to plan for!

It’s a ton of information, and that’s what we wanted for you. So you go into the process knowing what’s expected, and come out approved as fast as possible. We’re offering this course at an introductory rate of $149, which is an incredible deal for all you’re getting!

Go here to learn more – or if you’re already convinced, enroll now!

Nope, I don’t want to do it myself – I need help with ungating and am willing to have you do it
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After my last stint in Product Safety at Amazon from 2011-2014, I decided a change was in order so I packed up and moved to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to be a travel blogger and freelance writer. I found living in another country to be fantastically inspiring in many ways, and soon after my move, I joined Cascadia. I was then able to focus that creative inspiration on helping clients with really great marketing content, and other aspects of their product launches which they might find daunting. It’s been wonderful! I love helping people, and I love writing. So for me, it’s a match made in heaven.

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