Sponsored Brands Advertising on Amazon – Beta Video Review


The new video beta for Sponsored Brands is my new favorite thing!

In our studio, we specialize in product photography and videography for Amazon, especially 360 photography added into a video focused on customer wants. 

You can see in the 4th and 5th lines the (pretty good) results from Sponsored Products ads, from which we cull customer search terms.

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We did a video test end of December, and got 5x the CTR, but the CPC was a bit on the high side, with about the same conversion rate, putting the ACoS over 50%. 

We made a few changes to the video after speaking with the client, uploaded and started a new ad with the best keywords in January- and it’s now 6x+ the CTR, a third of the original CPC, and 7% ACoS!! 

Growth of 6x your Clickthrough Rate on Amazon Advertising!

And, this is for a $90 product. Imagine the results with a lower priced product and equally compelling video. 

The future of Amazon advertising – just like happened on Facebook – is video. These are amazing results!

Is Video Advertising on Amazon Still Doing Well?

Many of you were asking me after I posted this previously whether the results are still going well.

Well, the competition has definitely gone up, and the results have gone down. But, the CTR is still 1.22%, 4.2% conversion rate, and $1.14 CPC, with 25% ACoS.

Update from February-March, during the drop in sales that occurred across the board for our clients in the third week of March:

The short answer - yes, Video on Amazon Advertising is a great option

While the initial results were insanely good, the results after a couple of months with other brands pushing their ads, are still pretty darn good! 

If you’re interested in learning more about sponsored brand advertising to your Storefront or with video shorts, reach out to us below! Our studio is still operational during the COVID-19 crisis, but with limited availability of models. Otherwise, we are here to help you take advantage of Amazon advertising traffic!

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I got my first job at Amazon because of my German language skills from my Master’s in History. Take that, people who said I’d never get a good job with my liberal arts degree! I soon learned that I’m not good at taking orders and started my MBA coursework at Seattle University.

I worked at Amazon for 8 years, as a liaison for law enforcement in Fraud/Transaction Risk, a quality and compliance manager in Product Compliance for Amazon Brands and imports globally, and lastly, managing hardware for Website Availability. I love the flexibility that working for clients on Amazon rather than for Amazon affords me.

In my not significant free time, I do fiber crafts such as spinning, crocheting, and embroidery, and I have been in a community band since 2009, playing French Horn, Trombone, or Euphonium depending on the band’s needs that season.

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