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design-feedback-tipsIt is true that product feedback can make or break sales. If a product has 5 stars and glowing reviews, there is a great chance that a potential buyer who is only just considering a purchase will go ahead and hit the “Buy Now” button. Likewise, if a product has 3 or less stars, lukewarm and even negative reviews, that buyer who is on the fence about a purchase will probably not move ahead with it. The risk is too great.

Seller feedback is essential for potential buyers to feel comfortable working with you. Just like product feedback, if your seller feedback is positive and strong, you’re much more likely to receive new business than if it’s weak and makes you appear less than reputable.

Doing all you can to garner as many positive reviews as possible is an easy way to consistently manage your reputation as a seller, as well as the reputation of your products. And it is of utmost importance to ask for feedback! Don’t just rest on your laurels after a sale is through… your reputation as a seller, and your future sales, depend on it. It’s a good idea also to think about which type of feedback will serve you best, and be sure you’re driving customers to that forum. If you’re a Private Label seller for example, your seller rating AND your product ratings are both extremely important. You want everyone thinking positively of you and of your products. If you’re a Reseller with no vested interest in the success of the products, it’s really your seller rating you’ll want to focus on.

Research has shown time and again that buyers do not leave feedback unless prompted to, or unless they’ve had a negative experience. Dissatisfied customers have a lot more to say in feedback forums than satisfied ones, so it’s of high importance to implement some sort of feedback solicitation system. This will help drive the dissatisfied customers straight to you (and not to the feedback forums), and have the satisfied customers singing your praises with 5 stars every time!

Check out Feedback Genius ( or Feedback Five ( for more structured feedback solicitation, or even implement your own schedule of follow up emails and solicitation letters. And remember that asking about anything negative that occurred during the process will help instill buyer confidence in you. It’s important to put it out there and really mean it when you say you want the feedback, so that the comments end up in your Inbox and not all over your seller and product ratings.

Whatever system you choose, the most important thing is always to ASK!

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