Sourcing 101 E-book



There are a ton of things to know, from understanding the things to look for in a factory, to the importance of testing, to product certifications, and even packaging choices and how to pay the factory for their work. Each step in the process is a “choose your own adventure” in terms of direction your sourcing journey can go. Knowing what to expect at each step, what your options are, and how your choices impact your bottom line… profits… is key to ensuring that you end up with the product you envisioned when you started this process.

About the Author
Rachel Johnson Greer is a global business strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs increase their internet product sales, curate their brand image online and avoid catastrophic legal threats. After getting her MBA in international business at Seattle University, she spent nearly a decade at Amazon working in product development. Since then, Rachel has founded companies that reached both multi-six figure and multi-seven figure growth in under three years.

As a business coach, she supports clients in everything from international product expansion to 4x-ing their sales through online retailers. Rachel is frequently sought out by the media and has appeared on the Today Show, CNBC, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. When she’s not working with clients, she’s scaring friends at parties with stories about the most problematic online products she’s found in their homes. She lives in Seattle, Washington.