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Are you worried that your product won’t be compliant for sale in the US? Are you concerned that your customers could be injured by your product? Or perhaps you want to offer a top value product, with excellent quality, but aren’t quite sure how to make that happen working with an overseas factory?

Our compliance consultants have over 20 years of combined compliance experience, and have worked with major brands across the world to achieve regulatory, safety, and quality compliance for the products that we’ve worked on.

Our compliance consultation is based on product type, because every product has varying requirements, and based on destination countries, because every country has its own requirements. If the selection you want isn’t on the list, make the most appropriate selection you can, then make notes in the checkout process to indicate what was missing.

Each session includes up to two (2) hours of phone/Skype consultation with our compliance team, plus comprehensive written follow up of findings and recommendations for next steps in order to move forward with confidence!




Working with the Cascadia team is as if I have a staff of experts at my company. They vetted my product idea to find out about testing and compliance issues, verified my supplier, ran the on-site inspection after the product was manufactured, and handled customs and freight forwarding. Add they oversaw and facilitated the whole process. These experts used their years of Amazon and retail business to help me with my product. I have to say that this is the best business decision I’ve made. I feel like I have the most qualified people in the business shepherding me and my product through a very complicated process in a way that conforms to the highest legal and professional standards.


About the Author
I got my first job at Amazon because of my German language skills from my Master’s in History. Take that, people who said I’d never get a good job with my liberal arts degree! I soon learned that I’m not good at taking orders and started my MBA coursework at Seattle University.

I worked at Amazon for 8 years, as a liaison for law enforcement in Fraud/Transaction Risk, a quality and compliance manager in Product Compliance for Amazon Brands and imports globally, and lastly, managing hardware for Website Availability. I love the flexibility that working for clients on Amazon rather than for Amazon affords me.

In my not significant free time, I do fiber crafts such as spinning, crocheting, and embroidery, and I have been in a community band since 2009, playing French Horn, Trombone, or Euphonium depending on the band’s needs that season.

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