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New Product Launch Coaching



Have you been wanting to get into doing your own product, but you’re just not sure if it’s for you? Perhaps you’re worried about the regulatory risk of import, or just have no idea how to get started?

Our Coaching program for new product launch is for sellers getting into building their own brand for the first time. We price everything transparently – we receive no kickbacks from any of the service providers we recommend that you use, or factories we find for you – and our function is to be a part of your team for the duration of the project. Coaching includes:

  • Benchmarking research and project kickoff
  • Sourcing
  • Product Compliance (testing for regulatory, safety, and quality concerns)
  • Product Packaging (e-commerce ready)
  • Customs Setup and Logistics
  • Simple Product Detail Page

You will get access to our coaching videos, written guidance, project templates, seller guides, and a joint project management tool to communicate with each consultant you work with on your launch.


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