Mt. Hood (standard): Account Performance Monitoring

$997.00 / month



Have you ever wondered what metrics are most important for keeping track of your overall performance? Do you know where to find your returns report, or what the return dispositions mean? We provide coaching and guidance for clients experiencing struggles with their performance. If you’ve received warnings or are recently recovering from a suspension, this is the service for you. Our clients range from very small new sellers to sellers with more than $500k in sales each month.

  • Proactive, weekday account monitoring
  • Negative/Neutral Feedback Removal
  • Weekly reimbursement submission for “Damaged by FC”
  • Ongoing email support from our consulting team
  • Customized Customer Service blurb library
  • Quarterly Sales and Performance review
  • Access to our Amazon Policy and Compliance course

PLUS your choice of ONE of the following:

  1. Listing Reinstatement Support (1-3 per quarter, less than 1 per month)
  2. Expert Consultation (2 hours of strategy calls with consultant(s) of your choice per month)
  3. Customer Service support (10 hours monthly)


There is a real benefit to hiring expert help when you’re in crisis and Cascadia is definitely that. I even hired them afterward on a monthly basis to keep my account healthy; they are worth every cent and I am happy to pay them.



We needed serious help with, three of my staff members had all tried to deal with Amazon and could not. When I found CSS we were concerned that this organization could not cut thru all the red tape and accomplish our goals. We were pleasantly surprised. CSS completed all our tasks under budget and with excellent results. My favorite part of the process was the speed and professionalize by which CSS worked. Also, very reasonable. Our sales have increased since working with them. Without a doubt, if you have to deal with hire CSS first. It makes the very difficult process almost enjoyable.



It has been so enjoyable to work with such a united team that concentrates on every aspect of our Amazon offerings. Every team member has a high level of expertise in their specific area and everyone knows exactly how Amazon operates as they have all worked on the inside of Amazon. What an advantage that gives us! Each team member is very personable, easy to talk to and motivated to improve all aspects of our business.



From the service provided perspective – Cascadia’s service is simply excellent. Their highly responsive team gives concise explanations to any matter. Professionally, all of the consultants have been on the other side (Amazon). Each of them specializes in their own field, but all know how things work on Amazon. In addition, they know how things need to work in order for you, as a seller, to succeed on Amazon. They want things to work for you. Your success is their success, and they are there to help your Amazon business grow.


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