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I am so excited to announce that Cascadia Seller Solutions, in cooperation with Robyn Johnson of the Unstoppable Amazon Academy (, is offering a new course on doing private label, the way that AmazonBasics does it!

We are so excited to offer this for a few reasons:

  1. Most of the courses currently available for sellers are marketing courses – some sourcing, but mostly marketing and optimization to sell on Amazon. This leaves out a huge part of the product development process.
  2. None of the courses we reviewed had content on regulatory compliance, safety testing, or quality testing, and they had limited or inaccurate information on US Customs and HTS classification.
  3. Very few courses explain how to do good packaging design for e-commerce, as opposed to offline retail, where the packaging can be thinner and lighter. To keep your product safe, you need your packaging to meet ISTA 3A/3B or the Amazon heavy/bulky ISTA standard.
  4. There are multiple ways to launch your own label on Amazon, from sourcing domestically from a local manufacturer or through a company that produces products on request, to importing existing products from a factory lineup, to working with a factory to produce an improved or entirely new product for sale. Most courses don’t teach you the difference between your liability in each situation, and the difficulties with in-stock management and cash flow for each model.

Cascadia is made up of former Amazonians. Rain, Belle, Leo, Jennifer and I all worked on AmazonBasics and Amazon’s other brands. Kelly and Emily worked on seller performance enforcement and product safety investigations respectively. There is no group in the Amazon seller consulting space that has our level and depth of knowledge about Amazon and about private label development. We are truly excited to be bringing you the information that we used in our every day work lives, making one of the most successful private label brands out there.

Our course has five modules, ranging from benchmarking, to sourcing, to testing/packaging, to optimization, to in-stock planning. We are so confident that you will find the content in our course valuable that we are offering a no questions asked 30 day refund policy. Watch our instructional video on how our course could help you, and join our waitlist today!

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