Monthly Marketing Management

Traffic + Conversion - Defects = GROWTH

The formula for success on Amazon is simple: Traffic + Conversion – Defects = Growth

Our advertising and marketing strategy focuses on what we know makes your products sell.  

From the initial market research, to creating your customer avatars, A+ pages, your Amazon storefront, exceptional product photography, videos, and data-driven advertising and marketing based on a customized strategy just for your products.

We manage your PPC, listings, and account performance. Plus, you get expert consultation from former Amazonians!

We aim for 4-15% ACoS for all of your ads; we have a proprietary process for building high converting TOS-compliant detail pages; and our team of account managers work with Amazon so you don’t have to!

Marketing PLANS

Make the Investment for Consistent Long-Term Growth


We create and manage all your Sponsored and Headline Ads for you!

We give you detailed feedback on how you can update your listings and content for optimal conversion.

We contact Seller Support for any advertising errors or promotions errors!

We provide detailed feedback on A+ content and Storefront content that you should create.

Onboarding fee of $1,000 includes review of your existing ads and product listings.




The customer is at the heart of everything they do. With the launch of their Community platform Amazon is offering a new avenue of customer engagement.

Customer connection will no longer be just a feeling, but an actual digital impression.

Our Mercer Plan focuses exclusively on the Amazon Community Platform.



Once you take advantage of the Amazon Community Platform, make sure that you also focus on your Social Media presence off Amazon for optimal performance of your business.

We run ads from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to your Amazon pages or Storefront.

We use Amazon Attribution to track your tags and run social links so you can get additional affiliate revenue from your business.