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From Concept to Amazon PL Seller: a Comprehensive Launch Course
In this course, you will receive access to twenty modules covering idea generation and validation, sourcing, compliance, packaging, import logistics, launch, seller performance, marketing, and more! The course was written primarily by Rachel Greer with input from other Cascadia team members. Our goal is for you to be able to use this in tandem with our other mini courses to slay at selling on Amazon! You'll learn all of the tips and tricks and years of experience from experts in the business of selling on Amazon.
Module 1Brand and Product Development
Doing the research and selecting your product is a crucial part of the process. In this section of the course, you will receive the training needed to pick an item with the demand to generate sales and in a category that reduces your risk. You will learn: 1) To create a Step by Step guide to create a brand style guide and benchmarking document; 2) How to do basic regulatory and safety research; and 3) How to do basic customer sentiment analysis
Unit 1Weekly Course Materials and Recordings - Weeks 1-4, with one Bonus Call
Unit 2Why You Need a Brand and How to Make One
Unit 3Choosing Your Product Niche - Step by Step
Unit 4Choose Your Product: Avoid or Mitigate for Regulatory Risk
Unit 5Differentiating Your Chosen Product
Module 2From Concept to Source
Once you know what you want to make – where and how should you make it? We’ll go over the pros and cons with research starting points. We’ll look into why benchmarking can make you more profitable in the long run, and learn about the role and importance in packaging. Module learning goals: 1) Understand how to create a spec pack; 2) Understand how to set up a relationship with a broker and get your product classified (HTS); 3) Choose, based on HTS classification and basic costs found in Global Sources for a variety of country locations, domestic versus import sourcing
Unit 1Weekly Course Materials and Recordings - Weeks 5-8, with one Bonus Call
Unit 2How Your Sourcing Location will Affect Your Product Development Project
Unit 3Sourcing Master Class from a former AmazonBasics Sourcing Manager
Unit 4Technical Specifications - From Hope to Certainty in Developing Your Perfect Product
Unit 5Everything You need to Know as a Newbie to Import via Ocean or Air
Module 3Contracting a Factory and First Shipment
Complicated compliance and legal requirements, oh my! This is the most dense part of the course, and the toughest to get through. We’ll deep dive into testing, factory audits, inspections and logistics. Things to consider: tariffs, safety and compliance, and samples. Your learning goals: 1) Understand what it takes to create an excellent testing protocol; 2) Understand how to create a clear agreement and PO; and 3) Create a clear inspection checklist (students are provided with generic inspection checklist that needs to be modified.
Unit 1Weekly Course Materials and Recordings - Weeks 9-11, with one Bonus Call
Unit 2How to Use Testing Laboratory to Ensure 5-Star Products that Won't Get You Sued
Unit 3How to Choose a Factory that Complies with Fair Labor Laws and Products Quality Products
Unit 4Structuring Your Supplier Agreement and Purchase Order for a Better Bargaining Position with Your Factory
Unit 5Cost Effective Freight Management and Prep Options
Module 4List and Promote Your Product
It’s not easy to create a high performing, excellent quality Amazon listing! We’ll go into product photography, listing guidance, how to use your benchmarking work to build a great detail page. We’ll start on Sponsored Ads. Your learning goals: 1) Determine the best packaging design for your product; 2) Create a clear photography request to your photographer; and 3) Understand how to use the template to create a listing.
Unit 1Weekly Course Materials and Recordings - Weeks 12-16, with one Bonus Call
Unit 2Upgrade to E-Commerce Ready Packaging for Lower Returns
Unit 3How Photography and Design Can Increase Conversion and Customer Satisfaction
Unit 4How to Write a Detail Page That Drives Organic Traffic and Converts
Unit 5Getting Seen: Using Automated and Manual Sponsored Ads
Module 5Post-Launch Product Management
Yay! You’ve launched! Now what do you do? We’ll go into instock management for ocean freight replenishment, options for warehouse storage in the US and 3-4 weeks cover at Amazon strategy, cashflow for 3-4 month turnaround on items, inspections, and long- term compliance program, and feedback/performance management. Your learning goals: 1) Understand how to write blurbs; 2) Understand how to write and use a re-stock spreadsheet and understand your timelines; 3) Understand how to investigate customer complaints, and take appropriate action.
Unit 1Weekly Course Materials and Recordings - Weeks 16-19, with one Bonus Call
Unit 2What You Need to Know about Brand Registry 2.0 and Intellectual Property on Amazon
Unit 3Mastering Instock Management with a Global Supply Chain
Unit 4Getting the All Important Product Reviews
Unit 5Understand Your Ongoing Compliance Obligations for Peace of Mind

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custom responses

Working with us, you don’t just get a pre-written course and have fun, see ya later – you get feedback on your work and progress from experts in the space who have launched private brands for some of the worlds largest retailers. When you submit your homework assignments, they’re routed to one of our expert Amazonians, and you’ll receive detailed comments and feedback on whether or not you’re moving in the right direction, and areas to improve.

faqs + updates

We’re constantly in the trenches with you as Amazon changes policies and interprets things in new ways, and during the implementation of new trade rules, regulatory enforcement and so on. In our FAQs page, you can get answers to questions asked by previous participants of the course, and submit your own for response and addition to the page. We’re all learning together, and can benefit from each others’ questions and concerns.

instructional videos

As much as possible, our course doesn’t just include words and images, but also video. If you’d like a demo, but it doesn’t yet exist, please ask! Every learner has a different approach to solving problems, some focused on text and some focused on images, while others need to see it to understand. In a virtual world, that means video. We create custom content for our course participants to address questions and issues not already part of the course (upon request).