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A Perfect Detail Page: An AmazonBasics Case Study

The Challenge

The reason we love the AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker detail page so much is that it is essentially a black box. One of the least photogenic possible products you can think of! Yet, with a solid e-commerce marketing approach, even a plain black box product can be interesting and exciting.

The Solution

To bring out the features of any product on the web, you first have to break the 2D barrier – then you need to provide images that show how your product solves the customer’s problems. Lastly, you need to anticipate what questions customers will have, and answer them in the pictures, bullets, and description.

Anticipate customer questions and answer them with images. For the second two images, the AmazonBasics listing has images of the product in use with and without a cord, the top concerns of customers when choosing a speaker. Anticipate customer concerns: ensure you have an image that demonstrates scale, such as the human hand holding the speaker, and show close-ups of areas customers could be confused, such as the image showing the type of plugs supported by the device.

For your images that don’t show immediately, use this space to answer more customer questions and protect your product from competitor listings. Include an image of a bundled item (in this case a cable) without which your product is incomplete. Include an image of the packaging, protecting your investment from hijackers. And provide additional information for customers who may still be on the fence: an image of the backside of the device, and an image showing key dimensions.

Available Images

Increased Conversion

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Use Enhanced Marketing Content to Increase Conversion 3-10%


Compliant with TOS

Use text free and compliant images with high quality enhanced marketing content (A+) imagery to increase conversion and retain peace of mind.

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