Grow and Protect

Your investment with Amazon.

Navigating Amazon’s labyrinthine policies and procedures on your own can be like attempting to climb Mount Rainier without a guide service – risky and perilous!

We feel your concern.

In a recent survey, 61% of Amazon sellers said they were afraid of suspension. It’s no wonder. A single major defect can set back literally hundreds of hours of effort building up your profitable listings. And an ASIN suspension can wipe out profits for months.

Maybe you’ve had some wins here and there, but having consistent paying clients isn’t happening for you, and the amount of revving up it takes to make some freakin’ money, feels exhausting!


Need a guide?

If you feel like you’re lost in the Amazon wilderness, let Cascadia Seller Solutions blaze the trail for you.

Our team of former Amazon employees (or what we like to fondly call “Amazonians”) and former Fortune 500 employees has helped companies go from zero to $10K a day on Amazon in just a few months.

Our services have helped clients:

  • Prevent and resolve listing suspensions
  • Become compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service
  • Become compliant with the laws & regulations of the destination country
  • Optimize product listings to respond to customer concerns
  • And much more…

The Amazon maze may be high and wide, but we helped build it, and we can help get you out of it.

Let’s help you achieve Amazon seller success.

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Salmon Review

Performance and Sales Review of Your Entire Amazon Account


An indicator species that reflects the health of an ecosystem, as well as changes in the environment through its presence, absence, or abundance. It is sensitive and reflects the cause of changes in the environment, widespread, easily measurable and observable.

Just like salmon can reflect what’s wrong in the environment, we believe it’s crucial for you to obtain an accurate report of how your Amazon account is performing, before something goes wrong.

Let’s help you achieve Amazon seller success.

An ASIN or account suspension can happen to any Amazon seller - even one whose products have been on the marketplace for years.

When you have one chance to clear up your account, it must be done right, or Amazon can ban you from selling that product, or worse, ban you from the website altogether!

Why choose Cascadia.

Our clients gain a leg up on the competition by having former Amazon Risk and Compliance employees evaluate their procedures and provide feedback.

What you get.

We perform a detailed review of all of your metrics, returns, sourcing practices, sales performance, winners/losers in your catalog, and then provide you with a comprehensive report of findings and recommended resolutions based on our combined 60 years of experience working inside Amazon. Our recommended next steps ensure that you adhere to Selling Policies, and are positioned for success in the Amazon marketplaces.

Ready to get peace of mind?

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Salmon review


2-5 day average turnaround time

Enhanced Brand Content

Do you wish your listing had the professional look and feel, as well as the traffic and sales, that your competitors enjoy on Amazon?

We can grant your wish!

Cascadia Seller Solutions has the experience and skills to optimize your Amazon listing so you can consistently hit your revenue and conversion targets.

A page one ranking can mean 30+ sales rather than 2-5 a day.

New research shows 55 percent of Americans go to Amazon before Google to search for product information. Your product listing must be fully optimized to show up in Amazon search results.

Once customers get to your page, they need to understand why they should buy your product.

That’s where great photos, a clear feature benefit statement in your bullet points, and good star ratings (4+ stars is the goal) allow customers to feel comfortable buying from you.

What you’ll get.

  • Customer sentiment analysis: Don’t market to yourself, learn what your ideal customer wants to know about your product
  • Sponsored ads coaching: We help you understand the interface, set up automated and manual ads, and target realistic goals
  • Photography guide: Our detailed guide shows examples of products imaged well for Amazon, and our custom advice for how to shoot your products (or you can hire us!)
  • Brand Registry coaching with EBC and video suggestions: Enhanced Brand Content includes specialized images and content to help drive up conversion
  • Updated detail page, complete with suggested keywords: We edit your page using proprietary methods to find the best keywords and converting copy for your products

Ready to get optimized?

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enhanced brand content


30 day average turnaround time for 1 listing

Need help with your entire catalog? Contact us for a quote.

Product Compliance Consultation

In-Depth Consultation About Your Product’s Compliance

Are you...

  • Worried that your product won’t be compliant for sale in the target market?
  • Concerned that your customers could be injured by your product?
  • Anxious about how to ensure your foreign manufacture produces a high quality product you can be proud of?

We help sellers understand regulatory obligations and product packaging/product quality, and help brand owners avoid the many landmines of selling on Amazon.

We make sure your product quality is consistent.

We use time tested compliance approaches that include laboratory testing to benchmark your chosen inspiration products, validate regulatory compliance, ensure appropriate quality, and mitigate for safety risk and in person inspections and audits at the factories.

We work across all categories to help you develop protocols and programs appropriate to your company’s size and the level of risk you take with your product development. Our specialties are fine jewelry, food/supplements, and imported branded products.

The number one rule for success in long-term ranking on Amazon is selling quality products.

Choose experience.

Our team has 20+ years of combined compliance experience. We have worked with Fortune 500 brands to achieve regulatory, safety, and quality compliance for their products and can do the same for you.

Ready to get peace of mind?

Contact us for a quote. Your consultation is based on product type and destination countries. That’s because every product has varying requirements and every country has its own requirements.

product compliance consultation

Up to $2250

Working with the Cascadia team is as if I have a staff of experts at my company. They vetted my product idea to find out about testing and compliance issues, verified my supplier, ran the on-site inspection after the product was manufactured, and handled customs and freight forwarding. Add they oversaw and facilitated the whole process. These experts used their years of Amazon and retail business to help me with my product. I have to say that this is the best business decision I’ve made. I feel like I have the most qualified people in the business shepherding me and my product through a very complicated process in a way that conforms to the highest legal and professional standards.

Denise l.

Monthly Performance Support Packages

If you're struggling with your account performance, particularly if you regularly get ASIN suspensions, then one of these plans is perfect for you!

Mt. Baker

$497 per month

Proactive, daily account performance monitoring

Negative/neutral feedback removal

Weekly reimbursement submission for “Damaged by FC”

Weekly performance deep dive with expert consultant follow up

Quarterly sales and performance review

Customized Customer Service blurb library

Access to our mastermind course “Compliant Selling On Amazon”

Mt. Hood

$997 per month

Includes everything in Mt. Baker package, PLUS your choice of one of the following:

Listing Reinstatement Support (1-3 per quarter, less than 1 per month)

Customer Service support (10 hours monthly)

Expert Consultation (2 hours of strategy calls with consultant(s) of your choice per month)

Mt. Rainier

Custom pricing

Includes everything in Mt. Hood, plus a custom quotation for your company’s needs.

We offer unique customized hourly or package solutions to many of our clients. We manage your associates in the US or China as you grow, so you don’t have to.

Monthly Marketing Support Packages

If you're struggling with your sales and marketing performance, then these plans are perfect for you! We manage your PPC, listings, and account performance. Plus, you get expert consultation from former Amazonians!

We aim for 4-14% ACoS for all of your ads; we have a proprietary process for building high converting TOS-compliant detail pages; and our team of account managers work with Amazon so you don't have to!


$697 per month

We do your Sponsored Ads and Headline Ads for you!

This service level covers management of up to $1k in ad spend per month.

Onboarding fee of $500 includes review of your existing ads and products.

San Juan

$1497 per month

We do your Sponsored Ads and Headline Ads for you!

This service level covers management of up to $3k in ad spend per month.

Up to 10 hours of Seller Support contacts or listing creation per month.

One enhanced brand content detail page created monthly.

Onboarding fee of $500 includes review of your existing ads and products.


$1997 per month minimum or
5% of gross revenue

This service level covers unlimited ad spend management, listing creation (including enhanced brand content), and unlimited seller support contacts.

Unlimited support in basic photography.

Unlimited support in customer service and performance management (Mt. Baker Plan).

Weekly consultation check-ins with experienced former Amazonian to discuss Amazon business strategy.

Onboarding fee of $4000 includes review of your existing ads and products and complete account clean-up and overhaul.