Enhanced Brand Content has Video!!

Until this year, only vendors and Exclusives Sellers had access to enhanced Brand Content. Here’s an example of what the best kind of enhanced brand content looks like on a detail page (this is a Launchpad vendor who was on Shark Tank):

Sadly, the video available to sellers is still not as beautiful as this – but who knows, maybe eventually! Also, it’s in beta testing, as is the new Seller Amazon Vine, so you’ll have to wait until it shows up in your account.

The location where the EBC video will show up is at the top with the image boxes, just like the Toymail item, and down below the product details as a “Related Video Short.” Pro tip: go to gen.video to upload your own related video shorts now!

So, what formats can you use?


Template 1 – 4 rows of title, text and 2 images
Four headers. The images are actually long and skinny, two blocks stacked on top of each other. All images should be 400×400 up to 800×400 pixels minimum (1:1 or 2:1 ratio). This is for when you have strong product pictures but a weak hero image. 

Template 2 – A banner image followed by 4 rows of title, text, and 2 images
Topped with a hero image, should be 1/3-2/3 ratio, or 600×900 pixels or so. The images are actually long and skinny, two blocks stacked on top of each other. All images should be 400×400 up to 800×400 pixels minimum (1:1 up to 2:1). 

Template 3 – Two large images with header and text below
 Two hero image size blocks – should be 1/3-2/3 ratio, or 600×900 pixels or so. For when you want only to showcase the brand and the product through a limited number of images. 

Template 4 – Banner image with text, 2 rows of header, image and text, row of 3 images with text.
The most versatile (in our opinion) format. It starts with a hero image – should be 1/3-2/3 ratio, or 600×900 pixels or so. Each image should be minimum 300×300 pixels, although of course larger is better. 

Template 5 – A large image with header and text below
Is normally more difficult because of needing a designer to do it well. It’s typically 8.5″x11″ – magazine ad type image. 2000 pixels on short side. 

If you’re overwhelmed with the demands of your business, or just don’t want to deal with copywriting and design, our Enhanced Brand Content “Done for You” option could be for you!

Apply to have your brand reviewed for an enhanced brand content project:

FYI, watch out for these policy violations:

– Referencing your company as a seller or distributor, or providing company contact information.
– Mention of a competitor’s products or seller authorization such as “product only sold by authorized resellers.”
– Pricing or promotion information such as “cheap, affordable, on-sale, etc.”
– Information about shipping details such as “Free shipping,” “shipping timelines.”
– Boastful comments such as “top selling product,” “hottest item,” “#1 selling item,”
– Time-sensitive product information: “on sale now” or “best new product of the year.”
– Information about customer reviews from Amazon or any other site.
– Adding editorial or third-party quotes from external sources such as magazines and television shows.
– Any warranties or guarantees of any form, e.g., “satisfaction guarantees, money back, etc.”
– Logos from brand or organization other than your own or multiple brand logos in a single video review.
– Web links or language attempting to redirect to other sites inside or outside of Amazon (including your other products).
– Any mention of products being used for criminal activity.
– Offensive content such as videos containing nudity, profanity, illegal activities.
– A video for which you don’t own the rights, leading to copyright infringement.

Another FYI.. follow the same rules for your ad creatives in Headline Ads.

About the Author
I got my first job at Amazon because of my German language skills from my Master’s in History. Take that, people who said I’d never get a good job with my liberal arts degree! I soon learned that I’m not good at taking orders and started my MBA coursework at Seattle University.

I worked at Amazon for 8 years, as a liaison for law enforcement in Fraud/Transaction Risk, a quality and compliance manager in Product Compliance for Amazon Brands and imports globally, and lastly, managing hardware for Website Availability. I love the flexibility that working for clients on Amazon rather than for Amazon affords me.

In my not significant free time, I do fiber crafts such as spinning, crocheting, and embroidery, and I have been in a community band since 2009, playing French Horn, Trombone, or Euphonium depending on the band’s needs that season.

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  1. Hi Rachel – are you able to help companies with the beta program for Enhanced Brand Content that allows them to upload videos to their product page? My company has Brand Registry and EBC, we’re just missing the video portion.



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