Developing Your Brand from the Ground Up

At Cascadia Seller Solutions, we specialize in helping sellers with their own brands to succeed on Amazon, whether you are starting from scratch, or you have been experiencing performance issues on Amazon (IP infringement, complaints about authenticity, or used sold as new, for example).

Our consultants are all former Amazonians, five of whom worked Amazon’s own private label brands, AmazonBasics and Pinzon.

  • For those who are just learning about private label and have questions, we offer consultation with Rachel Greer, an expert who has worked on product launches in nearly every category in Amazon.
  • For those who are looking to free up more time for managing their Amazon account and want to grow their pipeline of new products faster without incurring more employee costs, outsourcing your global sourcing and quality assurance to Cascadia is the best investment into your brand that you could make.
  • For brand owners, if you do not currently have a quality assurance program for your brand, then you should. Every large company has them for a reason: one major failure can cost thousands in fines, loss of inventory, and the hassle of being placed on a Customs watch list or getting a black mark or suspension on your Amazon account.
  • For those who are experiencing listing hijacking, we offer a test buy/infringement report program, of especial value to those sellers who are not based in the US and may have difficult doing US based test buys.

What are the key steps to launching a new product?

  • Benchmarking – know your competition, know their quality, and know their keywords and sales rank. Rachel Greer provides a detailed document giving you confidence in your choice of product an what the legal and quality requirements to launch the product will be.
  • Sourcing – source from factories that fit your strategy! If you want to sell organic or sustainable products, you should only source from factories with social audits. Our sourcing experts, Belle Xiangping Yang and Rain Huang have collectively over 20 years of sourcing experience for large international brands, including Amazon.
  • Testing – most products have regulatory requirements to meet, some as simple as labeling disclosures. There are also voluntary safety standards that are a good idea, as not verifying this can open you to litigation if there is an issue. From a quality perspective, testing to ensure a good quality product will lead to 4-5 star organic reviews.
  • Packaging – great packaging serves multiple purposes on Amazon. First, you want to make a high end impression, a “big brand” experience at a private brand cost. Second, Amazon is terribly hard on packaging, Frustration Free Packaging can handle the rigors of the FC. Third, good packaging differentiates you and makes your products harder to hijack.
  • Detail page – your detail page is your primary sales person and advertisement online. You need a good title (brand, product name, quantity and that’s ALL), great pictures, strong bullets that aren’t too long, and a good product description. To get exposure, you need good keywords and a good ad approach. As you grow, A+ detail page content is a must.
  • Logistics – while air door to door might work for your first test buys, ocean freight is the cheapest and most efficient method of transporting pallets globally. Understanding your obligations for paying duty, and how HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) codes affect your shipment is key.
  • Branding – no matter how small you are, you need a style guide. Defining up front what your brand stands for, and what your brand image should be makes decisions like color palette, which factories you source from, what testing you do, so much easier!

So, how can you work with us to achieve your goals on Amazon?

For brand owners just starting out, our goal is to provide you excellent service as we launch each product and help you with launching your brand. As such, a clear up front set of costs is more straightforward for those just starting out. All of our services for launching a new branded product are billed at a flat rate that is clearly provided to you so you can budget appropriately.

As former Amazonians, we are the experts on how to do Amazon, on Amazon. We are confident we can help you launch your brand and grow your business on Amazon!

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  1. This sounds good. I am glad someone is there to guide me as I cross the difficult path to success. I am determined that’s why I don’t stop even if the road I am passing through is difficult right now. With your help I can do it.


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