Do Customer Accounts Get Suspended?

On occasion, we get two kinds of questions around buyer accounts – a seller who is frustrated about a buyer/customer who appears to be scamming them, and a buyer/customer who has had their account shut down (I’ll refer to the accounts as buyer accounts for the rest of the article, as that’s how I referred to them at Amazon).

Regarding the first case, Amazon will take care of this eventually… based on that buyer’s continued behavior. In the second case, we express our sorrow for the buyer’s experience, but unfortunately we can’t help much past that.

This is because there are virtually no situations in which Amazon makes the wrong decision about closing a buyer account.

I recently came across this thread on one of the forums:

“Hi, i lost the count of amazon buyer accounts that i lost.

i make dropshipping from amazon to ebay, i don’t sell on amazon, just buy

amazon closed my inicial account, withou any reason, we try to contact them and its impossible!

then i created other accounts, and also got banned, tried vpn’s, tried change mac address, tried other info, like is on a guide here on the forum,but always get sacked!

any help for this?


NO! Just, no. There is no help for this. What you need now is some soul searching. It is not very often that Amazon suspends a buyer account, so there must really be some egregious activity in order for them to take action like that.

Furthermore, don’t you suppose Amazon would take steps to ensure that a banned person can not easily create another account? Of course they would! They’re Amazon. You can’t just “create other accounts”, or use VPNs (virtual personal networks), they control for this.

Let's be honest

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your buyer account has been suspended, and you want it back, it’s time for an honest look at what brought you to this place.

If Amazon, the most customer-centric company in the world, has suspended your account, they have basically stated that they do not wish to have your business. They do not want you as a customer. Think about what it would take to make you fire a customer, and you have begun the process of backing into what got you here.

Amazon rarely suspends a buyer account, but when they do, it’s usually because a big violation of trust has occurred, for example:

  • The very generous returns and refunds policy has been abused.
  • You have been using your buying account in coordination with a selling scheme.

As you’re already aware, Amazon is big on data, and they’re big on formulas. They keep information on everything we all do, buyers and sellers alike. They know a lot more than you might think they do. You can safely assume they know everything.

And as you are also probably aware, Amazon is striving for an atmosphere of self-regulation and trust. If you think about it, really this is the only way it can work… if everyone does their part to maintain the integrity of the platform. That means no abuse of it.

There are not a lot of rules, but the rules that are set forth are not negotiable.

Be honest. Don’t buy and use and then return the things you buy. Don’t demand refunds that should not be granted. If you took delivery of the package, don’t say you didn’t. Don’t try to game the system, go back to that question I asked above: What would it take to make you fire a customer? Are you the kind of customer you would want to have in your own business?

Don’t use your buyer account to buy items, then re-sell them. Dropshipping your Amazon orders using your Prime account? Also a prohibited activity.  

And truly, they are reasonable. To be the most customer-centric company on the planet, you’ve got to be understanding. The intention is baked right into the nickname: they want to serve you, the customer. They want you to be able to buy whatever you want (within reason), whenever you want.

If they have closed your account, the statement that they are making is that your presence on the platform is a risk they are unwilling to take. If indeed that would be a harsh assessment of your behavior as a customer, do appeal. Do reach out to CS and explain your side of things, but do also put thought into how your own actions played into the account closure.

Even if you do not believe you have done something wrong, Amazon caught something. It’s a metric, it’s a number somewhere, that’s “proving” your guilt to them. Your task is to determine where the issue is, and speak to it. It’s worth repeating: Amazon is reasonable. They will work with you, if you demonstrate your desire to work with them.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    You failed to answer the very real scenario in which Amazon closes the account of a buyer who has never returned a purchase and never re-sold an item purchased from Amazon, which is a shame, because mistakes sometimes happen, even Google and Amazon can get it wrong, and your article has no answers for me. The described situation is very real, and on Cyber Monday with a list of Christmas shopping to do, it’s a headache to find a way to submit a request for a revision of whatever algorithm did this.

    I think your article could be improved with some advice about an appeal process, and perhaps dialing back a little bit on the condescending tone.

    • Hi Daniel! Can you please provide more information? Were you flagged for another reason? Have you checked your spam folders? Often if there are fraud indicators on an account (this happened to me three times while I was an employee) your order will be flagged, and if the order doesn’t pass the review, the account can be closed pending more information. They usually want faxed (!!! I know…) bank statements. Did you receive such a request?

      • Mine they said had fraud warnings i recently go my inheritance from a passing family memeber and tried to buy my girls things for Christmas but apparently bought to much and it raised red flags will I still get the packages I paid for or will I be refunded I don’t know who to talk to

      • I received such a request and there is no way I am going to provide bank statements, credit card statements! Cancel my account!!! Tried buying a gift card.

  2. Well my account and many other accounts I’ve seen now from using giftcards on amazon are being closed without warning. I have faxed the account specialist team all the information they have requested. And it’s absolutely pointless to talk to customer service as they will tell you that the accounts team has higher authority than them on these matters. They customer service team will tell you this though, even if it was amazons error and mistake that they closed your account the chance of you getting your account back is close to none. Customer service usually suggests you have only two options, to fax the account specialist team again and hope for another outcome in their decision or to make another account with another email and hope their algorithm doesn’t catch you.

    • Unfortunately, any use of fraudulent gift cards will result in a closed account. You would need to explain to them why you ended up using a gift card that was considered fraudulent – perhaps bought online, or given in a contest?

  3. Amazon is hell now,even if you tell amazon how you get giftcard with proof,amazon specialist will never consider. I fax them how i get gift from survey panel with email proof and but still they never consider.

  4. Emily, My account was suspended after it got hacked and the hacker purchased 10 plus K I n d l e subscriptions. My credit card company contacted me for possible fraudulent activity. I confirmed the activity was fraid. The bank cancelled my card and reversed the charges. I called Amazon about the fraud, they credited me back the charges. Because the card had been cancelled, I never actually received the credit. I have the e-mail from them confirming the credit was issued. There was a total of $920.00 that the bank stopped. Amazon turned around and closed my account due to non payment. I had a $10.00 grocery item that got caught up in the transactions the bank stopped. I do owe the $10.00. Amazon suspended my account. I called several times and explained what happened. They will not reinstate my account of Evan call or e- me so I can clear things up. I don’t know what to do. Do you have any suggestions? Thank- you.

    • Same thing happened to me my computer was hacked and the fraudsters obtained my email login and my Amazon login they subsequently ordered two £50 gift cards and then purchased PlayStation cards. I informed my credit card company who had Amazon repay the amount. Despite many emails even emails to to Jeff Bezos explaining the situation they refuse to reinstate my account until I pay for the gift cards.

  5. This is simply not true… Amazon does close buyer accounts by mistake or incorrectly.

    For example, here’s what happened to me. I had added my FSA card to my amazon account in order to buy FSA eligible items. I purchased said items all good and dandy… The items arrived… no issue there… However, a few days later my account was closed. I wondered why… Turns out what had happened was my FSA card was declined (no notice indicating this), thenAmazon charged the backup payment method… here’s where it gets dicey… I have a large list of Credit Cards linked to my Amazon account, apparently the backup method that was selected was my ex girlfriend’s credit card, whom I had not dated in a year, but her credit card was still valid. Needless to say it charged her card. She saw the charges and knowing she did not buy $500 worth of items on Amazon called her credit card company who opened an investigation and reversed the charges. However, as a result of these reversed charges Amazon closed my account saying I was using stolen credit card.

    I, along with my ex, tried to explain the situation to Amazon and there was nothing they would do to help me out. It was not a purposeful fraudulent use of her credit card, it wsa a complete accident. I even offered to pay for my items again. Since that point my home address can no longer be shipped to and I cannot link Credit Cards or payment methods linked to my home address and have to use a whole different email with Amazon now. It’s a disaster and been trying to get back on good terms with amazon since.

  6. My first oreder ever was considered suspicious now my account is suspended and the statement i send them is refused everytime what do i do

      • Hey Christina. I have the same issue. I placed an order for the first time and they just suspended my account. I sent the bank statements but no changes yet. Can you please instruct what should I do?

      • I would like an email directly as well as I am having a very very frustrating time with amazon and I do not understand why.

  7. My account has been suspended. When I try to log in there is a message saying I should check my email. The mail I got from Amazon tells me to log in my Amazon account and follow instructions to get the suspension lifted. I can not log on what do I do.

  8. Hi for the first time ever I wanted to buy a egift for my friend who I
    Is on holiday abroad but my account has been suspended as amazon seem to think is malicious activity on my account please help as I’ve been trying to sort this for 4 days now. I only want to pay in pounds but have it aboard in dollars

    • If you haven’t gotten it solved yet, feel free to send an email to [email protected] saying, “Hi, I have been trying to work with your fraud department to validate that the item I bought for a friend traveling abroad was authorized. Unfortunately, they have not been helping me in a timely fashion. I would really appreciate your help! Thanks, Kerrie”

  9. My wifes account was closed. She had issues with items that Amazon said were not paid for. She worked with them and made sure that the payments were sent a second and a third time. Amazon closed her account anyway. Now there is no way log in to try to fix it. Their system will not even recognize here login now – “no customer by that name”. Along with every thing else, she had purchased many kindle books over the last several years, all paid for and kept in the Amazon cloud. Those are now all gone and the links on her kindle have been erased. This is very frustrating. Amazon’s customer service telephone number is not active due to the Covid situation. What can we do to get this back. Please send me an email with your suggestions. Her birthday is coming up and this would be a wonderful present if I can pull it off.

    • Hi Dan – I would suggest sending this to [email protected] from her email address that the account was set up with (you can’t send it): “Dear Jeff, I’m hoping you can help me. My email account is [email], and I am a long time customer. It appears that there were bad debt issues on the account, but they’ve since been fixed. Unfortunately, the account appears to be on fraud status and I can’t log in. Is there any way to reactivate my account? I have a lot of books on Kindle, and it’s really sad for me not to be able to access them anymore, even though I paid for them. Thank you for your help! Best, [Name]

  10. I live in Nigeria and in the month of may/early June 2020 I got about $6200+ sent to the United States through local money remittance to my friend who lives in Virginia to help me purchase Amazon gift cards, I had to purchase this high volume of gift cards because I was planning to buy A rolex Oyster wrist watch and an Ulefone rugged smart phone from Amazon. These gift cards where purchased from authorised dealers like 7-eleven, riteaid, Walmart e.t.c. it took a total of about 3 weeks for me to accumulate these volume of gift cards in my Amazon account of over 2 years.

    Before this situation I’m about explaining, I have been patronizing Amazon since 2017 without issues, I have bought a total of 9 watches, 1 bit pills, 1 laptop and many other items all for my personal use over a period of 2 years from Amazon. Sometimes I make purchases using my master debit card linked to my savings account but when I do this I usually have to bear high cost of exchange rate and sometimes hidden charges associated with international transactions, hence I prefer sending money over to the United States so gift cards can be purchased for me, in this case I will not have to deal with bank hidden Charges. When I find an item I want to purchase on Amazon, if the seller ships internationally I go ahead and ship it directly to me in Nigeria and pay the shipping cost otherwise I will have to ship it to any of my families or friends in the USA and they will figure out a way to get it over to me or bring it themselves on their next visit.

    Now back to the topic, on the 9th of June 2020 I successfully purchased the Ulefone rugged smart phone for and shipped directly to Nigeria, the total cost was $569 at checkout and the seller shipped same day. On the 10th of June I proceeded to purchase the Rolex Oyster wrist watch which was about $5,742 at check out, I shipped it to my cousin’s address in Maryland as the seller wouldn’t ship internationally. I got an email confirming shipment was successful .

    The next morning I woke up to an email suggesting “I have use gift card in an unauthorized way , my order have been cancelled and my gift card balance void and I should contact Amazon if I think the decision have been made in error.”
    Immediately I contacted customer service, the representative went over the issue with me and asked me to place the order with him on the phone, I did and I received an order confirmation email, he checked his end and agreed everything is okay before I hung up. One hour later I got same email suggesting “I have use gift card in an unauthorized way , my order have been cancelled and my gift card balance void and I should contact Amazon if I think the decision have been made in error.” Immediately I contacted customer service again, the new representative went over the issue again, tried to know why it happened again and couldn’t find any reason but however asked me to place order again which I did before I hung up the call, this time I received an email after 3 minutes that my account have been closed with my $5,742 in it. I called customer service and the battle to reinstate my account began. I filled a reinstatement form providing my verification details repeatedly and also sent emails repeatedly, eventually I received the below email from an account specialist


    We have closed your account and canceled all outstanding orders.

    We took these actions because either the Amazon Gift Card or the Amazon Gift Card balance you are using is in violation of our Terms and Conditions. We cannot reissue the gift card or reimburse you for these funds. For further details, we suggest that you contact the party who sold or gave you the gift card.

    Please note that buying gift cards by unauthorized third parties, and sold or transfer-for-value of gift cards is a violation of our terms.

    You can find more information on the Help page:

    If you believe we took this action in error, please email us the attachment of the gift card purchase receipt, or other documentation such as an email from the sender, authorize all the Amazon Gift Cards used to place the order 111-7627698-8234634 .


    Account Specialist”

    A notice popped up when I tried to login my closed Amazon account as below

    More Information Needed
    The information you supplied was reviewed by Amazon but we cannot unlock your account at this time. For details, check for an email or text message from Amazon describing next steps. Please contact us for further concerns.

    Shortly after this I received the below email from ad[email protected]


    Thank you for your response. We were unable to verify your ownership of the master card ending in 8813 .

    Please reply to this message and attach a recent billing statement for this payment card. Please ensure the following are visible:
    – The last four digits of the card ONLY. For your security, do NOT include full card or account numbers.
    – Billing name and address
    – If included in your billing statement, also include phone number

    If you are unable to provide us this information, we may proceed to close your Amazon account for security purposes. You can expect a response from us within 24 hours of sending an email.


    Account Specialist”

    On the 11th of June I provided my 2 years account statement showing all my debit card transactions on Amazon, my friend who helped me purchased all the gift cards in the USA was able to retrieve $3,010 gift card receipts of $6,200+. The $3,010 gift card was the very last set of cards I loaded so the receipts were still in the trash basket and not disposed yet , the older receipts have already been disposed. We never thought we would encounter any problems using gift cards because I have never experienced this in my over two years of patronizing, I scanned these gift cards receipts and sent to Amazon, I scanned my valid internationally passport data page and sent to Amazon, took a picture of my previous watches in my watch box which I bought from Amazon and also sent them over just to prove the watches are for my personal use and not for business, I attached a signed letter from my friend who helped me purchased the gift cards authorizing me to use the gift cards with her email and phone number on the letter in case Amazon wish to contact her for more verification, I sent a scanned copy of my actual debit card linked to my Amazon account, I also provided my bank email and phone number.

    Note: all details matching my Amazon account information, no discrepancies at all, I have been following up with constant calls and emails , I was lucky enough to speak to an account specialist once which was 5 hours after I provided my documents for verification and she told me to give them time to go through my credentials and they will get back me within 48 hours but I never heard from them, I spoke to an a supervisor on the 27th of June who got back to me with a message from an account specialist saying my account cannot be reinstated yet and it’s still under investigation. It’s been 24 days since my account was locked. What else can I do?

    • Hi Ibrahim, I’m so sorry this happening to you. 🙁 Unfortunately, buying products with gift certificates is always going to look more fraudulent to Amazon, particularly when ordering things as you describe is commonly used by money traffickers to launder money. So Amazon has to be careful what they allow. I would suggest contacting [email protected] and explaining your situation and hopefully get your money back. Hope this works for you!

  11. I concur with Jake’s comment from 10/8/2019, Amazon does make mistakes closing buyer accounts.

    In my case I had an account for many years, but had not used it for some time and simply forgot user name and passwords. My mistake was not contacting customer service to help reset this info and instead signed up for another account. This did cause problems as you can imagine, but I was able to working things out with Customer Service at that time and have been using the new account for a year. Recently I made some purchases and signed up for Prime and ordered a few movies. Then suddenly, only days later when I try to log in I get the message that the account was closed because of misuse of Amazon services. After many attempts to contact Amazon I get an email from their investigation team that the account was closed because another account associated to this new one was also closed for misuse of services. I don’t have any idea what I did in that old account (if that is even the one they are talking about because they wont tell me what account they are referencing) that would have been misuse of services.

    I did nothing out of malicious intent to defraud Amazon or its sellers, ever! Admittedly the last two items I bought I had to return, but one did not work and the other I bought in error. And in both cases I bought replacement items. I did not try to defraud anyone or use things and return them. And I’m only talking tens of dollars (you know $50 – $60), its not like there was large sums of money involved here. But Amazon apparently does not care to listen.

    It is so sad the “The Worlds Most Customer-Centric Company in the World” wont even listen to me. I understand that too many people do try to defraud Amazon, but just because their model flags potential fraud does not mean that it is in fact happening. Their models are not always right and if a customer is calling out the most customer-centric company for an error in their logic, that they sould at least provide a path for appeal.

  12. I got suspended today

    I received an amazon gift card from MetrixLab as a reward for participating in a live chat survey. As a reward they sent me $40 Amazon Gift Card.

    After 1 day of thinking what to purchase in Amazon since its my first time to buy, i decided to buy baby products.

    After successfully placing my order and checkout, I received an email


    We have suspended your orders and Amazon account because we detected unusual activity on it. You can help us unlock your account by logging in to your account and following the on-screen instructions.

    Please note that you will not be able to access your account or place orders with us until we confirm your information.


    Then I tried to log-in on my account to check, but I cannot access it anymore. Been trying to contact their chat support but no feedbacks.

    What to do? :((

    • I have the same problem. For me it happen on the 19 of September, I got all my giftcards from a app call fetch rewards. And I use that all and there giftcards for a long period now and had no trouble buying stuff with does Amazon card till I did a purchase of $240 and I send them the info proof and paid for a fax, one of their final was that I paid from a third party and in the proof 0that does not show. If u get info pls help as well

    • Did you ever get a resolution?

      The same thing happened to me after I opened an account on Prime Day with a 30-day free trial of Prime.

      I wanted to buy a Kindle, then saw a promotion that offered $10 credit for buying a $40 Gift Card. So I figured, why not just buy a $90 Gift Card, then spend that on the Kindle and get $10 back? Seems reasonable.

      Well, as soon as I tried topping up my Gift Card, I got an email with that same exact message:

      “We have suspended your orders and Amazon account because we detected unusual activity on it, etc.”

      I followed instructions to submit documents for verification (in my case, a recent bank statement), and was notified that I’d be contacted within 24 hours.

      So, we’ll see. But from what I’ve been reading it looks like a real long shot.

  13. What a dumb conclusion you’ve suggested. Anyone who gets suspended must be dishonest? Time for some “soul searching??” My account is currently suspended. I have no idea why. I assume it must be because the credit card I used is my authorized card linked to my wife’s account. I use this card regularly without issue. But now my buying account is suspended. And I really don’t know if that’s why my account is suspended, because all I get is an automated reply which states that the information I’ve provided has been reviewed, but that my account cannot be reestablished at this time. The information requested is a credit card statement showing my name, address, and last 4 digits of the card used. The statement I sent shows me as an authorized user on the account with the last 4 digits of the card I used and the main address matches my order. Still, no help from Amazon. I call customer service and all they can tell me is what I already know, and then offer to submit a service request to the accounts department. Maybe you should do some soul searching. You seem very quick to assume the worst in people. And a bit too trusting of a machine-run system.

  14. Read all the emails account specialist send, because in my case the response they send me from the ducuments or steps to do never add up from their side, to the point I saw and feel they were trying to scam me. I contact customer service and from one last time because I had enough but from their side they said my info and side of of the story add up so is strange, they try to re-do a forum, but I said that will not work and ask to speak to a supervisors, they said they can’t do much but i demand to still give it a try because they can’t deny that to us, I explained everything to the supervisor in detail like how I believe that account specialist are trying so scam me with proof, and she look at my account information and detail and said that all looks okay and they shouldn’t have done that, so she send a email to the escalate team that I believe is higher than account specialist and will respond what they can do. Like try to get my account back because one more thing the supervisor said that the account is on hold but is close down at the same time so something was up. So yeah the escalate team will try to get my account back or transfer the balance of that account to a new one. It may take longer for you because for me I ask to do it as a important email do they can respond faster because I’m leaving in lest of 3 to 2 weeks to basic training and want to fix this fast. The funny part I think the account specialist saw the action i took and that I’m in listing for the army and respond so fast saying that they will reopen the account that I need to send the info again XD I did and they still try to pull a fast on me now ask for my debit card information, I already send them many times and said that they don’t need this because I haven’t made a purchase with my debit card on Amazon. So I said no I will not because i already send the basic stuff of my debit card and i dont want to share more information about it. And saying that I already talk to a supervisors and are taking action and will have an investigation on your end and they did not respond back or try eaither said they will close my account agian. xD well good luck hopefully this helps.

  15. I didn’t have an Amazon account – my wife does. My buying habits consist mainly of alcohol and tobacco. However, I won an Amazon gift card at work that was emailed to me (working from home in the land of Covid). Went in on Tuesday morning, created an account in order to spend my card. Purchased something with the card, and was immediately suspended. Since then, I receive emails telling me to log-in and follow instructions. I log-in and I receive a message telling me to check my email. It’s been 48 hours and I’m frustrated that an employee at work could have made better use of the gift card that I apparently can’t spend now – obviously I have no clue what I’m doing to resolve the situation. Speaking with customer service hasn’t helped.

  16. I recently had my account closed after 15+ years and was a Prime member. Amazon claimed I had previously had an account which had been closed for breaching their T&Cs, which is not true!! They are unable to provide details of what account it was they closed. I keep getting frustrating copy and paste emails from the account specialist team. I have since requested my data from Amazon in order to see if this might highlight something. Perhaps they have wrongly associated an account as being mine, for example. BUT I received an email the other day saying that as my account is on hold I need to reply to “this email” with a physical address to get the info posted out to me. When I reply I get a message to say that “this email is no longer accepting replies” yet they email me from it and ask me to reply to it. It seems like Amazon are intentionally making this process as difficult as possible. The behavior is simply disgusting, and yes, I have emailed Jeff and also received a vague response about previously having had another account….which is not true!!!

  17. This statement is incorrect: “This is because there are virtually no situations in which Amazon makes the wrong decision about closing a buyer account.”

    My Amazon buyer account was suspending after 12 years for reasons unknown to me. I rarely return items and don’t buy gift cards.

    The requested CC statement has been provided to Amazon multiple times, and Amazon just keeps sending the same generic message to submit a CC statement.

    I called Customer Service, and they confirm the requested information was received, but they cannot do anything other than forward the information to the Account Specialist, who then in turn just sends the same generic email.

    Email to [email protected] resulted in the same generic email being sent to me by an Account Specialist.

  18. 2020 was a really terrible year for us, we got all our selling acount colsed by amazon, ebay becasue small techicnal things, we have a lot of inventory and start to look around what we can do, we where lucky there is a lot of places to sell, i like one, but its not the only one, its call jewffer if you had a bad record you should try it

  19. Can someone please help me!! I have a Amazon account. I am 83 years old and I gave my son $50 Amazon gift card for Father’s Day!! He ordered two T-shirts. And the next morning when I checked my account it asked me for my passcode which I forgot!! I called Amazon and told them what was going on and they said they put a security lock on my account do this suspicious activity which there was none!! I have had the account but over a year now! And I only have 9 different orders in a year. They told me this security would be off the app the next day. The next day my son went to order the two T-shirts again and they were cancelled immediately!! I set up a new password and everything! Then yesterday I woke up I want to go in the Amazon account and asked me for my password I put it in and it said account closed due to misuses. I have never done anything suspicious all my account and I keep calling them and I’ve been getting hung up on all week!! I am not going to lose that $50 gift card that’s on my Amazon account am I.

  20. Hi,

    I agree that this article is a bit for Amazon. You actually didn’t answer the title question. However, I have a question. I buy and review nearly everything I purchase from
    Amazon. I have been suspended from making reviews. My reviews were rated very high by people looking to buy those products. I have emailed the address [email protected] several times. It’s been three months and I’ve not heard anything from them as to why I can no longer review my purchases. I’ve been buying and reviewing for years. I can still make purchases. I just can’t review. I worked hard to get my Verified Customer status. Now I’ve lost that status. They never said why or sent an email to me explaining this decision. I logged in to review a set walking sticks I purchased, I recently started hiking and needed them, and I couldn’t review them. I logged in to find this notice on my page:

    “We apologize but Amazon has noticed some unusual reviewing activity on this account. As a result, all reviews submitted by this account have been removed and this account will no longer be able to contribute reviews and other content on Amazon. If you would like to learn more, please see our community guidelines. To contact us about this decision, please email [email protected].”

    I called after a few weeks of hearing nothing, but the nice guy, David on the other end, couldn’t help me. He didn’t even see that notice on his end. If CS can’t see it, where is it coming from? If they can’t help, where do we get the help? I don’t dropship or buy to resell anything. I have everything, except consumables, that I’ve ever purchased from Amazon. I love doing business with them. Can you help with this? I’d love it if you could. Do you have an inside on this kind of thing? I look forward to hearing back from you.

  21. Hi, my account has been closed due to being “directly linked to an account hat misused Amazon services” – i.e. too many returns. I have emailed The Accounts Specialist teams, and Jeff Bezos who are all unsympathetic. I did not know there was a limit on returns – there isn’t in a usual shop, and without warning I have been banned from Amazon for life. I heavily rely on Amazon for everything and now I don’t know what to do. Please can anyone help?

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