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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications to help me?

Our team is comprised of all former Amazonians. Kelly Johnston managed the North America Seller Performance team. Emily Murray worked in Customer Service and Product Safety. We are all well versed in the way that Amazon uses blurbs and communicates with sellers, and we understand the internal teams who are communicating with you to best handle your reinstatement and performance issues.

For our product development team, Jennifer Moser and Leo Ho’onani Reyes worked in Compliance on Customs and regulatory/quality testing, and Rain Huang and Xiangping (Belle) Yang were formerly part of the AmazonBasics sourcing team.

What do I get from an account review?

You will receive an evaluation of your major seller performance metrics, inclusive of on time performance¬†as well as product quality indicators such as feedback and returns, and your customer service approach (note the two new metrics requirements of customer dissatisfaction and returns dissatisfaction in Seller Central). We will also provide you with an analysis of your IP and Restricted Products contacts and the likelihood of enforcement action there. We do not guarantee that you won’t get suspended if you follow our recommendations, but we do try to make it far less likely. If you sign up for an account review with us and are later suspended, the cost of the account review is deducted from the reinstatement fee.

My account was just suspended, how quickly will you write my Plan of Action for me?

That depends on the health of your account. With some clients, we were able to complete a Plan of Action (POA) that would work for their situation by the next day. With some others, it took days to collect the necessary information, run internal audits, and create new checklists. You only get one click of the Appeal button – don’t be in a huge hurry to waste it. You want your appeal to cover all necessary elements of the suspension thoroughly.

I have already used my Appeal button and received a request for more information, can you help me?

Yes, we evaluate your suspension notice, and your response, then compare this with our evaluation of your account. Often, Amazon investigators will send a list of example ASINs to you, and you the seller may believe those are the only ASINs they have a problem with. We thoroughly evaluate your entire account, we don’t just rely on the suspension email to determine how to respond. Our goal is to solve the problem before you receive the dreaded “final word” email that tells you Amazon won’t respond to you any further.

I have received an email saying Amazon won't talk to me anymore. Can you help me?

Yes, this email is sent frequently – more often than it used to be used – and there are options to get Amazon to look at your account after getting this email. One option is writing directly to JeffB, but we want to hold off on that until it’s absolutely necessary as it’s really the step of last resort. If you’ve already written to Jeff and gotten denied, we have successfully gotten sellers in this situation reinstated, but it’s much harder.

I recently had a top selling listing blocked. I responded with what Amazon requested and they won't reinstate my listing.

We see this frequently, and it’s often due to misrepresented invoices or invoices that aren’t in the format Amazon needs. Sometimes, the email will ask for you invoices, but what there’s actually wanting information about your packaging or listing quality. We help evaluate the ASIN and provide you with a plan to fix the problem and email to send to Seller Performance.

We are especially well versed in Product Safety warnings and how to respond to Amazon’s expectations. Often, the regulatory minimum is not enough, and you must also account for the perceived customer safety issue that resulted in the warning.

What is the total cost to launch a branded product with you, and what do I receive?

The total cost is $3500-5000 for coaching, not including initial client set up costs and of course the cost of the product, laboratory testing and inspections, designer time, photography, etc. For this rate, you receive expert guidance on benchmarking, sourcing, testing, packaging, design, shipping/logistics, and listing optimization. At each step, you are paired with a consultant who used to launch private label products for Amazon, who has deep industry experience in their area of expertise. Our goal is to help you avoid the “school of hard knocks” by providing you access to our knowledge and experience as you go through this process. You can also choose to hire a project manager at an additional cost if you’ve never launched a product before, or if you have limited time to manage the project.

I really just want to launch a white/private label item and make sure it's safe and won't get me into trouble. Can you help me with that?

Yes, we can – we have a “simple launch” offering that only covers packaging, listing optimization, shipping/logistics, and design. The first step is to guide you to a product that has few or no regulatory or safety risks, then we help you optimize and prepare your listing for Amazon, including standardized packaging, as poor packaging is the top reason we see for customer complaints on private labeled items.

We also do inspections only – our cost is $309, no hidden fees or exchange rates. We provide you the inspection result, performed by inspectors from accredited partner labs, with an interpretation guidance email.

What does account launch mean, and how do I know if I'm the right type of client for this service?

Our account launch clients come in two flavors – companies who are successful in other venues but haven’t managed to crack the Amazon code for success, and sellers who are building exclusive relationships with manufacturers and need to convince the manufacturer that they have the skills and experience to represent them well on Amazon. You receive support and coaching on how to set up your Amazon account safely, within Terms of Service. We research customer sentiment on the products, create listings, provide photography guidance, create feedback request templates, and provide coaching on enhanced marketing content and sponsored ads. Our approach is to help drive traffic organically and increase conversion through excellent content.

I am not interested in full account management, but I do need my catalog cleaned up and listings optimized. Do you do this?

Yes, we do – our approach is to use Amazon’s tools for brand owners to establish control of your third party listings and merge or fix them to create and maintain a coherent catalog for customers searching for your products. Our approach to listing optimization is to analyze customer sentiment through a detailed review of product reviews and competitor items in the marketplace, and adjust the listing content to reflect what is causing customers first to click on the listing, and then to buy the listing. We are also experienced with the compliance requirements in the Terms of Service for how to market your listing, so you can be assured that whatever we offer you is fully within Amazon’s TOS and will not cause you to incur a warning (such as use of super URLs, attacking competitor listing, or other such black hat tactics).

I've been burned by "gurus" before, how do I know I can trust you?

While we do not belong to any particular management consulting group, and are not accredited – the process is quite lengthy and expensive, and these costs would have to be built into our fees – we do adhere to the code of conduct of the Institute of Management consultants, found here. It is of utmost importance to us to conduct ourselves with integrity and with the fullest respect for your time and investment in our services.