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Cascadia Seller Solutions is a full service Amazon consultancy specializing in content marketing and advertising for Amazon Marketplace, and new product development. For reference and transparency, our support packages start at $697 monthly.

If you are interested in discovering our process for yourself at your own pace, being coached on our process, or outsourcing in order to grow your brand’s presence on Amazon, we’d love the opportunity to learn more about you and your goals! 

Please follow the prompts below to book your FREE discovery call and let us know more about you and your company. For account management and product development calls, the questionnaire included should only take 3-5 minutes of your time and allows us to do preliminary research in order to maximize our time on the call.

Your personal, business, and brand information is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL; we require a mutually signed NDA before discussing any intellectual property.

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Rachel Greer

Rachel Johnson Greer

Managing Partner / Principal Consultant

After more than eight years at Amazon in Fraud/Transaction Risk and Product Compliance & Sustainability, I left to spend more time with my family and launch my own business in Spring 2015. Startups can be scary and volatile, so I headed back to Amazon while my talented and capable business partners led the company from December 2016 to June 2017. But I quickly realized that Amazon no longer fit me…or perhaps I didn’t fit it anymore, so I decided stability was overrated and I am so grateful to be back doing what I love!

Christina Evans

Christina Evans

Partner / Director of Business Development

I was once described as a creative mind loosely contained. As Director of Business Development for, and partner of, Cascadia Seller Solutions, that is a significant advantage! I have a passion for communicating effectively, listening to those around me and finding ways to help them. With 20+ years of background in marketing, operations and administration, real estate management, and radio broadcasting, I am proficient in small business growth, organization, talking (and listening!!!), and building relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunity.