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About Cascadia

What do you get when you combine a resourceful former Amazonian supermom, with some of her favorite former Amazonian colleagues?

In short, you get the hive mind that is Cascadia Seller Solutions.

Cascadia was founded on the premise that together we are powerful and that teamwork is essential to the proper care of our clients.

Who We Are

We are leaders. We think big and we dive deep. We never say “that’s not my job.” We are mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, spouses. We are Hawaiian, Mexican, Chinese, Amazonian, American. We are multicultural. We are athletic. We run, we surf, we skate, we yoga. We are nerdy. We play in bands and we think history is cool. We believe in the cocktails with the tiny umbrellas. We love nachos more than anything...unless it’s Taco Tuesday. Sometimes we don’t wear pants. Our dogs are our sanity.

Our bond is everything, so we are present for each other. And we are present for our clients. Indeed the overarching intent, the core value we share, is caring. We want you to succeed, and we fiercely believe that you can.

We never take for granted what a special thing we have in Cascadia. We are nothing like anyone else out there, and that’s the plan.

How we work.

We work online, and from many different time zones. Cascadia is based in Seattle, but some of us didn’t want the cold and the damp, so off we flew to sunnier climates.

We work hard, and we like to have fun. And if that fun includes surfing, well then it sounds like we’re off to Hawaii. We believe in environments that suit us best, so we can face our clients’ unique challenges from a strong place.

We believe in being the best people we can be, for the good of those in our lives.

Still true to our Amazon roots, we can’t do with paper. It’s wasteful and unnecessary in an online space. We love email, and we love Skype.

Timekeeping is essential; it is our anchor. Toggl does a great job of keeping us Focused.

Marking tasks “complete” makes us happier than it probably should. To-do lists are the answer. Well, really Teamwork is the answer for us. We’ve set up our workspace so we are all in the same place, even if separated by multiple time zones. We all know what’s going on with any project at any time, even if it’s not our area of Expertise.

We all chip in where needed. We think big.

We hire and develop the best.
Just like Amazon taught us to.

Join us.

If you’d like to become the newest member of our Cascadia family, please email info(at)thinkcascadia.com to learn about open positions.

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