Building Brand Loyalty on Amazon

You have created your brand, developed your own products, and have started selling on Amazon but … now what?

Sales might not be a stellar as you expected, and now you’re just coasting.

I’ve noticed that many sellers assume that as soon as they launch a product and/or brand, they will have success, the customers will start rolling in. But unfortunately, that is not always the case.

For most sellers, it takes a lot of hard work, and consistency, to create brand awareness and drive demand for their products.

For most sellers, it takes a lot of hard work and consistency, to drive demand for their products. Click To Tweet

As an example, everyone knows what a Volkswagen Beetle is and what it stands for. Affordable, fun, and now, a bit vintage and retro. Your customers need to learn who you are, and what your brand stands for.


Brand Registry

One way to help jumpstart this is to register your brand through Amazon’s Brand Registry. To qualify for this, you need to manufacture your own products (or have them manufactured on your behalf), have your branding permanently adhered to your product and packaging, as well as have a website independent of Amazon.

Brand Registry offers you (and your brand) protection from some of the games other sellers like to play. Once your brand is registered with Amazon, it’s YOURS, and that means only you can make edits to your listings, giving you better control of your brand’s message.

And if you register your brand on Amazon, you will be able to unlock Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). What is this you ask? Good question!  EBC allows you to use detailed product images and additional text placement to provide a more robust product description. You can also create your brand’s unique story to better communicate to customers your value proposition and build customer loyalty.

Lastly, as Amazon releases new features, Sellers who have registered their brand will be the first to gain access to those.


Social Media and other stuff

Apart from registering your brand on Amazon to build brand loyalty, social media accounts on Instagram and/or Facebook, love ‘em or hate ‘em, are a great way to gain exposure and to get your brand’s message out to customers.

One great thing about a social media presence is that you don’t have to always be talking about your product.Your website is probably meant to drive sales, but your social media presence can be about driving the interest in your brand, the lifestyle that your product offers. If you make tents for example, maybe your social media page gives links to National Park websites and stories about first aid. And of course you can also use this as a way to drive traffic to your products on Amazon and/or your website too.

Also noteworthy is a great program called Associates. which is an online affiliate program. With the Associates program you can provide links to other items related to your brand, giving some of your friends a helping hand in addition to earning rebates you can use toward future ad campaigns.


How was your experience?

Lastly, reviews, reviews, reviews are key to building brand loyalty! You most likely are an Amazon shopper as well, so you know how important reviews are when making a purchasing decision. Make sure your products have reviews. You can do this by sending post sale emails asking for feedback, utilizing an online site such as Feedback Genius to solicit reviews post-sale, or consider Snagshout for promotions and giveaways that are Amazon TOS-friendly.

Most of all, have patience! It can take a while to drive awareness and build brand loyalty… but with consistent effort it will happen! If you need any advice, please do reach out.

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