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All of our consultants are former Amazonians. All of the advice we give is based on our experience working in compliance and policy at Amazon.

reseller listing

I need an ASIN I buy from someone else reinstated.

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I need my own ASIN reinstated.

"safety incident" listing

I need my own ASIN reinstated due to a Safety Incident.

ASIN reinstatement is one of Cascadia’s specialties.

It happens to the best of us. You’re having an awesome Tuesday, everything’s going along well, getting into your groove this week, and then BAM! You’ve gotten a listing suspension notice from Amazon.

And why is it always your best seller that they go and mess with? Time to cobble together a Plan of Action for Amazon.

But where to begin?

Our reinstatement team deals with these on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s even an hourly basis! Listing reinstatements are one of our specialties, and all joking aside, we are indeed working with many reinstatement cases at any given time.

The majority of listing suspensions boil down to a few things: compliance issues, quality issues, and IP infringement. Let’s break down each one:

Compliance issues

By far the top issue we see is when customers complain that there is a safety problem with the product, and our clients have to show documentation proving that the product is labeled correctly, or has been tested properly, etc, to ensure that it was customer error, not the product itself.

If a customer says your product made them bleed or burned them – a safety incident notification may be headed your way!

product/item quality issues

Do you have 20 customer reviews stating that the thing you’re selling has broken on the first use? Are you consistently receiving returns due to the product not being as expected by the customer? Has it injured someone? It’s got quality issues. Amazon uses terms like used sold as new, inauthentic, expired, safety incident, or material difference to describe these types of problems.  

By far the worst is counterfeit – if Amazon thinks it’s a counterfeit anything, it’s a big issue… not just for that listing, but for your account as a whole.

IP infringement

If you’re selling something that you are not authorized to sell, or presenting something in such a way that you’re using another company’s intellectual property without permission, the suspension would be a result of a complaint from the rights holder.

There are also the situations where it’s not your fault – where you’re selling a legitimate product, but Amazon is allowing brand owners to enforce their distribution contracts through spurious intellectual property infringement complaints.

These are tough to fight back on, but you must! If you don’t fight back on the individual listings, your account will be at risk for suspension.

About our process.

Our reinstatement team is made up of former Amazonians who each worked in a compliance capacity at some point during their tenure. That’s why these things are our specialty!

Do you have to use us? No, you don’t – but if you do use another firm, make sure they are reputable. We only recommend Cynthia Stine at eGrowthPartners and Chris McCabe at eCommerceChris for Amazon sellers facing suspension. Cynthia and Chris are both competent and professional with most kinds of listing suspensions, although we are confident no one beats us for quality and experience when it comes to safety incidents or compliance issues.  

We are also often asked if we recommend working with lawyers - we don’t.

Amazon is very litigation cautious, and when letters come from lawyers, or lawyers get involved, the results can be a lot less than hoped for. Amazon responds better to people who use the right words in the right format, based on the SOPs that exist for those teams.

Lawyers come in handy though when you’re trying to boot hijackers off your listings, or respond to an IP infringement complaint from another company.

If you’d like to go it alone, I recommend our handy reinstatement guide, written by our founder, and former Compliance manager at Amazon, Rachel Greer.  It can help answer a lot of questions for you, and it’s free!

For the first time in our three-year selling career, we had a product suspended. We noticed Amazon cracking down on sellers and also noticed the black hat competitors were getting more creative with their attacks. When you have one chance to clear up your account, you have to make sure it’s right. If you don’t do a good job, you can be banned from selling that SKU. That was terrifying. We heard back from the Performance team within a few hours of submitting the proposal and were back selling. A huge relief!

tyler davis

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Kevin Rizer testimonial
kevin rizer
private label podcast

"I was miserably failing at answering Seller-Performance questions and concerns regarding one of my products. I spend hours writing up what I thought was an excellent plan of action to correct the issue at hand. Only to find that I was digging a deeper grave for myself. Seller-Performance kept rejecting my appeals, creating unnecessary stress and anxiety for me. We have put our blood, sweat and tears into our business and it is unsettling that Amazon can take that away from us so quickly. Once I accepted that I was spending hours fighting a losing battle; I just did not have the knowledge base or the skill on how to protect my product. I turned to Cascadia for their expertise and help. Their team was comforting and understanding to my situation. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders once they took point. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out to to respond to Seller-Performance. Your time is more valuable focused elsewhere in your business. Hire Cascadia right away to handle this for you. You will not regret it."

Do you regularly have ASIN issues with Amazon?

Suspensions can be costly, so we created a service offering that would greatly benefit our clients with recurring suspension issues.

Our Mt. Hood account performance monitoring package allows us to handle up to 3 ASIN reinstatements per quarter (typically around $1250/ea) on an ongoing basis without having to charge you per ASIN each time it occurs.

In addition to these listing reinstatements, our Mt. Hood package ($997/mo) includes:

  • Daily account performance monitoring
  • Negative/neutral feedback removal
  • Weekly reimbursement submission for “Damaged by FC”
  • Quarterly sales and performance review
  • Ongoing email support from our consulting team
  • Customized Customer Service blurb library
  • Access to our mastermind course “Compliant Selling On Amazon”
  • 25% off additional Cascadia services

If you’re struggling with more than one on average and a month and would like help managing the challenge, you can request a quote for our Mt. Rainier offering, where we handle reinstatement actions at only $400 each, for savings of up to 60% off of standard pricing!

Just worried about your performance? Sign up for our entry level Mt. Baker package for detailed insight into your account’s performance.

Mt. Baker

$497 per month

Proactive, daily account performance monitoring

Negative/neutral feedback removal

Weekly reimbursement submission for “Damaged by FC”

Weekly performance deep dive with expert consultant follow up

Quarterly sales and performance review

Customized Customer Service blurb library

Access to our mastermind course “Compliant Selling On Amazon”

Mt. Hood

$997 per month

Includes everything in Mt. Baker package, PLUS your choice of one of the following:

Listing Reinstatement Support (1-3 per quarter, less than 1 per month)

Customer Service support (10 hours monthly)

Expert Consultation (2 hours of strategy calls with consultant(s) of your choice per month)

Mt. Rainier

Custom pricing

Includes everything in Mt. Hood, plus a custom quotation for your company’s needs.

We offer unique customized hourly or package solutions to many of our clients. We manage your associates in the US or China as you grow, so you don’t have to.

My biggest concern before hiring Cascadia for reinstatement work was whether or not the value would be there and it definitely was! They were available to answer my questions quickly and was knowledgeable and caring throughout the process, offering clarity on next steps. For anybody considering using their services, I would say, “HIRE THEM!” They have the experience from working at Amazon and they basically write the email responses for you.

s. roney
chief sales executive, roney innovations

How much does it cost?

$749 for Reseller Listing, $1249 for Private Label Listing, and $1649 for "Safety Incident" Listing.

Should I call you first, or can I just pay now?

If you are concerned by all means call! We love to discuss our capabilities and your case with you, but to be perfectly honest, everyone thinks their case is super unique and needs to be discussed before we can move forward. I have experienced a unique case precisely never - either one of our team members helped to write the rules at Amazon, or we’ve worked on cases like that at Amazon. Very few things are new under the sun!

Do I have to let you into my account?

No, we provide you with a unique email address to invite to your account, then we have a secondary account with limited access. We NEVER ask for or want access to your login or password.

What is our success rate?

We are at around 89% on accounts, depending on the reason. We’re exceptionally good at related accounts, which are often quite difficult to work on, with over 70% success rate, and inauthentic warnings, where we’re over 95%.

Do you offer reimbursements?

No, we do not. We are a professional services company, and we will do our very best to help you succeed. But sometimes, the reinstatement process isn’t fair, and we can’t help a seller. We stick with you as long as you stick with us. We’re still at it with one seller of ours, who we continue to support in his efforts to get back onto Amazon after more than a year of working with Amazon.

Can I pay half up front and half at the end?

No, we’re sorry, that’s not possible.

Why can you help us if we’ve already written to Amazon and gotten blocked?

Because usually you missed something. And we’re pretty good at finding that and communicating it to Amazon. We see these cases all the time - you are only familiar with your account. So we’ll often see things that you missed inadvertently.

What is your standard response time?

Typically we will provide you with a draft plan of action to discuss within 2 business days of signup. Sometimes if a case is more complex it will take 3-5. We don’t like to rush into a response and worsen your chances, particularly if you were already blocked. Expedited responses promise a plan within 24 hours.

Why should I hire you? Can’t I just write my own appeal?

Absolutely! And many sellers do, without issues. And many sellers don’t, and then struggle to get back on. It’s ultimately your business decision what to do.

Can writing to Jeff Bezos get me reinstated?

Maybe, maybe not. Also, Jeff doesn’t actually read those, his army of assistants review them and send them on to the correct teams. All it does is get another eye on your appeal, another review of what’s happening on your account. Sometimes that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Who will I work with if I sign up?

You will work with the most appropriate team member for that kind of reinstatement work, depending on their experience at Amazon. Some team members were in Restricted Products, or Product Safety, or Food Safety, or the Fraud department - there are many enforcement teams at Amazon.

Are there situations where you can’t help?

We can usually help, but we have low success rates on certain kinds of IP infringement claims and verification issues. With these, it’s much easier to verify your documents prior to account shutdown, or help you respond to the listing takedown. Once your account is shut down for IP infringement, it’s an uphill battle in our experience.

Do you offer a bundle discount if I have multiple ASINs?

Yes, we do. Please contact our office to discuss the particulars of your situation.

This ASIN is a top seller for me - do you offer expedited services?

Yes we do - you simply need to order 2 instead of one in checkout, and note in your email to info(at)thinkcascadia.com that you have paid for expedited reinstatement, and we’ll get a plan to you within 24 hours.

After selling on Amazon for 4+ years, I thought I knew how to speak to Amazon and I wasn't sure how Cascadia could help us getting our listing back. But thankfully they did an amazing job and really know the "language of Amazon" at a deep level. It was fantastic to speak with them and start to understand what Amazon truly wants and needs to hear from us in these situations. They saved the day! If you have any compliance or performance issues with Amazon, definitely contact Cascadia! We had actually done nothing wrong but I'm really not sure we would have ever got our listing back without Cascadia's help. Well worth the investment!

luke peter
amazon seller

As business stakeholders or owners, when Amazon suspends one product listing that your company’s livelihood depends on, your heart skips a beat. Moreover, the notices & messages Amazon sends regarding the suspensions are notoriously & woefully cryptic, at best. This is where we’ve found solace by turning to Cascadia, our relationship counselor with Amazon. They helped us decode Amazon’s enigmatic messages, understand their perspective, concoct a plan of escalating action to be executed even through the weekend, with a “whatever it takes” attitude. And because of that, anywhere between a matter of days to a couple of weeks, in return Amazon forgave us, and welcomed us back with open arms. We owe our continued business continuity to Cascadia.