Amazon Policy & Compliance

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Amazon Policy & Compliance
How to Prevent Suspensions or Lawsuits, Handle Warnings, and Write Successful Appeals. Contains modules on how to handle safety issues, countless inauthentic issues, expired products, review manipulation, detail page violations, verification issues, related accounts, and restricted products. Detailed guidance on writing your appeals and preventative approaches to take to prevent issues on Amazon.
Module 1Introduction to Policy & Compliance
Introductory video and background information necessary for your success in understanding how to handle your suspension prevention and resolution goals.
Unit 1An Introduction to Account Suspensions, Appeals, and Suspension Prevention on Amazon
Unit 2How the Leadership Principles Impact your Appeal and Future Infractions
Unit 3Frequently Asked Questions About Policy & Performance
Unit 4Getting Started Writing Your Appeal
Module 2Product Policy Issues: Inauthentic, Expired, Used Sold as New, Safety
What does Product Policy look for in managing their enforcement charter? We'll go over ASIN and account suspension issues for inauthentic, expired, used, sold as new, and safety issues.
Unit 1What Product Policy is Looking for with Inauthentic and Used Sold as New Issues
Unit 2Handling Safety Issues with Amazon Product Policy
Unit 3The Story on Expired Products, and Why You Should Be Careful
Module 3Amazon Product Compliance: Restricted Products and Product Safety
Amazon Compliance has different goals and review procedures than Product Policy. Understand better how to respond and protect your account and listings from issues uncovered by this team.
Unit 1The Do's and Don't's of Restricted Products
Unit 2Preparing for a Potential Safety Incident with Amazon Compliance
Module 4Other Seller Performance Issues
Review Manipulation, Verification, Intellectual Property, Related Accounts, and Seller Code of Conduct. There are a variety of teams that rely on Seller Performance to handle their enforcement. In this module, we will cover each of those teams and how to respond/handle these issues.
Unit 1Detail Page Violations/Seller Code of Conduct Issues
Unit 2How to Handle your Related Account Issue - When You're At Fault and When You're Not
Unit 3Intellectual Property Rights Appeals on Amazon
Unit 4The Ins and Outs of Review Manipulation
Unit 5Verification Requirements as Defined by Payments Identity Standards
Unit 6FBA Product Compliance, aka "You Have Too Many Returns"
Module 5A Former Amazonian's Approach to Suspension Prevention
Based on my years at Amazon, and my years as a consultant, I'll go into the various ways that you can protect your account and products on Amazon.
Unit 1Understanding Your Seller Performance Metrics Requirements
Unit 2A Detailed Checklist for Suspension Prevention

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Working with us, you don’t just get a pre-written course and have fun, see ya later – you get feedback on your work and progress from experts in the space who have launched private brands for some of the worlds largest retailers. When you submit your questions, they’re routed to one of our expert Amazonians, and you’ll receive detailed comments and feedback on whether or not you’re moving in the right direction, and areas to improve.

faqs + updates

We’re constantly in the trenches with you as Amazon changes policies and interprets things in new ways, and during the implementation of new trade rules, regulatory enforcement and so on. In our FAQs page, you can get answers to questions asked by previous participants of the course, and submit your own for response and addition to the page. We’re all learning together, and can benefit from each others’ questions and concerns.

instructional videos

As much as possible, our course doesn’t just include words and images, but also includes video. If you’d like a demonstration and it doesn’t exist yet, please ask! Every learner has a different approach to solving problems, some focused on text and some focused on images, while others need to see it to understand. In a virtual world, that means video. We create custom content for our course participants to address questions and issues not already part of the course upon request.