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Amazon Seller Education Comunity

There are a lot of education opportunities for Sellers.

When you work with Cascadia, you know that the quality of the education ir unparalleled, and that if you have any questions, one of our expert team members will be able to respond to you immediately.

Make an investment today in your most valuable resource ... YOU.


Dermarose lifestyle photos with a Model by Cacadia Seller Solutions
From Concept to PL Seller: A Comprehensive Launch Guide
Ungating on Amazon: Learn the Why, the How, and Get Ungated


Enjoy these client perks.

custom responses

Working with us, you don’t just get a pre-written course and have fun, see ya later – you get feedback on your work and progress from experts in the space who have launched private brands for some of the worlds largest retailers. When you submit your homework assignments, they’re routed to one of our expert Amazonians, and you’ll receive detailed comments and feedback on whether or not you’re moving in the right direction, and areas to improve.

faqs + updates

We’re constantly in the trenches with you as Amazon changes policies and interprets things in new ways, and during the implementation of new trade rules, regulatory enforcement and so on. In our FAQs page, you can get answers to questions asked by previous participants of the course, and submit your own for response and addition to the page. We’re all learning together, and can benefit from each others’ questions and concerns.

instructional videos

As much as possible, our courses don't just include words and images, but also include video. If you’d like a demonstration and it doesn’t exist yet, please ask! Every learner has a different approach to solving problems, some focused on text and some focused on images, while others need to see it to understand. In a virtual world, that means video. We create custom content for our course participants to address questions and issues not already part of the course upon request.

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