Tell Your Product Story with Stunning Visual Imagery

Looks are everything online.

To be able to compete on Amazon, your products need to look amazing. People want to know and actually see EXACTLY what they're getting. Or else, they'll find another product they can trust - or worse, buy then return when it disappoints.

360 Photography/Videos

Amazon allows multiple videos per product, so you can make a product performance video as well as a 360 video to show your product from all angles.

Amazon also provides an actual 360 viewer for vendors, and hopefully will soon make it available to brand registered sellers!

What you get: a GIF, HTML5 file, and an MP4 for use on your listing, website, or social media channels.

Slideshow Videos

Many customers ignore the written content on your listing – this can lead to misunderstandings, negative reviews, and returns. But, we find that video is much more engaging – you can help the customer visualize the product with a good selection of images, a 360 degree image, and short, pithy captions.

What you need to provide: a product sample, including any critical accessories, any visual content you already have (at least four images are required)

What you get: a 45-60 second video with a 360 degree video/photograph featured in it, which can be used on your Storefront, Amazon listing, and on your website or social media.

Custom Product Video

Perhaps your product doesn’t go well in a 360 degree view, as in these reversible comforters. No problem! We’ll come up with a custom solution just for your brand.

White Background Product Photography

Alternate Image Product Photography

Lifestyle Images with or without a Model

Your photography can make or break your listing. Your primary photo is the same image used in your sponsored products ad, and your alternate images help your customers make their purchasing decisions.

On Amazon, customers are looking for accurate, clear, and informative pictures – they are not looking for glossy, magazine-style marketing images.

The only thing worse than not making a sale? Making a sale that turns into a return.

Our photographers require samples to take pictures, as well as any required accessories. We can do on location shoots in Hawaii and Washington. Clients are responsible to pay expenses at shoots (such as renting an AirBnB). 

What you get: at least ten white background images in various configurations and lifestyle images in the previously agreed upon “mood” setting.

Ready to upgrade your imagery?