Amazon Photography and You

The online marketplace is primarily a visual interface.

The first impression that a potential customer will have of your business on Amazon, is your product photography. The pictures therefore become the primary medium with which the customer interacts with your product, so they should be great.

While the visual attractiveness of your pictures is important, Amazon also has technical requirements for images used on their platform. Here are the essentials:

  • Main Images require a white (255,255,255) background
  • Main Images must be ONLY the product. It possible however to use objects to hold the product in a certain position for example with jewelry.
  • Main Image must take up at least 85% of the frame. This keeps white space to a minimum.
  • The Main Image requirements ask for 1000 pixels as a minimum length of any side of an image.
  • The Main Image must feature the product with as shallow depth of field as possible so that the entire product remains in focus.

These visual presentation requirements not only assist Amazon in creating a consistent marketplace, but they are also useful guidelines for the seller to create a visually appealing presentation for a product.

You may have noticed the guidelines shown above apply only to Main Images.

The “Main Image” is the first one the buyer will see while browsing. The others are referred to as “Alternative Images”. These do not need to meet the same requirements as the Main Images. They can even be graphics rather than photos. Alternative Images are an opportunity to highlight specific features and benefits of your product, and do so within a different creative context.

Alternative Images also include what are called lifestyle photos. These photos should include images of the product being used by the intended consumer within an appropriate context. For example, Cascadia recently completed a photoshoot with a heating pad that featured an individual relaxing on a couch while using the product.

Whatever equipment you use or your level of photography skill, the most important aspects of your photography on Amazon are to feature the product in the most appealing light possible, and to provide clear, concise images.

Whether you are utilizing a simple photography setup or a professional grade studio, the focus is the product. If you are able to produce higher quality photography, that’s great, however simplicity could also work in your favor. The Amazon image requirements provide a structure within which the seller can produce great content to present their product. Now it’s time to get the creative juices flowing!

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