Has Amazon suspended your account? What you need to know about enforcement teams at Amazon

Has Amazon suspended your account?

It’s tough when Amazon suspends your account… your livelihood is on the line! What happened to put you in this position? Do you know?

It’s like facing a row of doors – you know that one of them is the right choice, but they all look roughly the same and it’s nerve wracking to make any choice at all.

Many sellers who come to us don’t know what happened, and to make matters worse, there are a number of different teams that the decision to suspend might have come from. So you really need to do your research and get to the root cause of the suspension. We know, we know… Amazon’s not always forthcoming with the important information. That’s very true. But you’ve got to find a way to the heart of the matter. If you respond with the wrong information, or ignore the root cause of the suspension, they could take the added step of blocking you, simply because they think you don’t get it.

So, the very first step in dealing with an account suspension is to make a note of what team the notice came from. This will give you a window into how to answer.


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Seller Performance Team

This team  deals mainly in actions related to your performance as a seller. If you’re not answering customer emails on time, if you have a high return rate or high negative customer experiences in some area, this is likely the team who will enforce.

Seller Performance also supports teams that are too small to have their own dedicated enforcement team, such as Notice & Takedown, Catalog, and Community.

Catalog enforces meeting terms of service where listing details and product details are concerned. If your listing images aren’t compliant, or you’re making claims of warranty, Catalog has enforcement policies.

Community is responsible for product reviews, among others. If you’re manipulating the reviews platform with things like free giveaways in exchange for a review, this team is going to have something to say about it.

Notice & Takedown – Intellectual Property is a big deal. If you’re using someone’s copyrighted image, or selling a product that you’re not authorized to sell because the rights holder does not allow resellers (for example), your notice will likely come from the Seller Performance team, but require you to respond to [email protected]

Product/Item Quality

This team started out by handling counterfeit issues, and slowly has morphed into the police of customer experience at Amazon. If a customer had a bad experience due to wrong items being sent, broken/dirty items being sent, items that injured them, items that appeared to be fake, or items that were expired – this team is on it.

We see the most account suspensions coming from listing suspensions handled poorly in this team. If you have already convinced Amazon you have no idea what you’re doing, it’s pretty hard to unconvince them. On a regular basis, I have to fix a client’s misconception about what actually got them suspended, because it can be so confusing, dealing with policy enforcement.

Product Compliance

Restricted Products, Recalls, and Product Safety all reside under the Compliance umbrella. If there have been safety concerns reported, if you’re selling that recalled McDonald’s Happy Meal toy from 1982, if you’re selling regulated products or drug paraphernalia, one of these teams is going to send you the notice.

These are the most difficult account reinstatements to come back from, and it’s critical that you work with a team that really understands compliance. This team has the least interest in your sales history and personal story, and the most interest in protecting Amazon. If you’ve put Amazon customers at risk; you are a problem for them.

FBA Product Compliance

Just to be confusing, this team is based in Fulfilment by Amazon, and submits the warnings that say that your product is down due to too many negative customer experiences.

While these don’t impact your performance ratings on their own, we still recommend taking these seriously, because many of our clients have subsequently experienced a Product Policy violation on items with high negative customer experiences.

Now you’re an expert! Well, sorta

There is much more to know of course, then just pinpointing the team who sent you the notice. But it’s a great place to start forming a plan to engage Amazon and get you back up and running.

Have you received an account suspension notice, and are stuck on where to go next? Let us help get you pointed in the right direction with our free downloadable reinstatement guide .

Or, if you’re already convinced we know how to handle your issue, check out our Reinstatement options.

Not ready to pull the trigger? Send over your information and our team will discuss your case and if we can help you!

Not ready to pull the trigger? Send over your information and our team will discuss your case and if we can help you!
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