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Cascadia Seller Solutions is a boutique consulting firm based out of Seattle, Washington in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains on the Puget Sound. We are all former Amazonians focused on account management services with a focus on product compliance and seller policy services.  Sellers rely on our Amazon experience in launching and maintaining and growing their Amazon seller account within Amazon Terms of Service.

For sellers facing challenges in how to develop their private label brand strategy, we simplify the regulatory framework and provide guidance on a reasonable approach with testing protocols, inspection procedure, and how to interpret a factory audit, as well as how to present this to and manage your reputation with Amazon. More importantly, we allow our sellers to enjoy the fruits of their labors without having to be involved in every detail of their business.

Work with us to protect and grow your investment with Amazon!

Cascadia Seller Solutions can support your needs in growing your Amazon business.

We have successfully performed product testing for private label products, sourced factories for private label products, gotten client accounts and listings reinstated for such issues as alleged counterfeit by writing Plans of Action and working with clients to enact them after submission, alleged FTC (Federal Trade Commission) violations for fine jewelry, damaged/defective goods, expired items, and condition/material differences in listings. We have helped new clients grow from zero to $100k in 3 months on Amazon.

As a firm, we have experienced nearly every issue that can happen to a seller, from port seizures or high defects when trying to import your own private label products, to being issued warnings from Restricted/Prohibited Products, Seller Performance, or FBA Product Compliance. One defect can set back literally hundreds of hours of effort building up your profitable listings!

An essential piece of advice from the beginning:

“The customer is always right, but a seller is guilty until proven innocent.”

You are responsible for the health of your account, even when unscrupulous sellers or customers cause unexpected issues, or outright lie. You are ultimately responsible for the compliance and quality of all products where you are the seller of record, whether your own brand or others.

Sellers face a variety of potentially negative interactions with Amazon. Prepare for these encounters with regular internal audits, and always be cautious and careful when working with any of the compliance and policy teams at Amazon.

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