5 reasons your detail page sucks … and what you can do about it.

You put your detail page up months ago but sales have been sluggish. You’ve been advertising, but there’s no traffic. “WHY AREN’T MY ADS CONVERTING?!”

With the holiday buying season always looming, Q4 is the most critical time for many online entrepreneurs. Black Friday, Cyber Monday… every single year, consumer spending consistently exceeds the previous year by a long shot. New sales records every year! And, as you already know, most of that spending is done within the months of November and December.

Which is upon us! Here we are again.


Your product is really great, it very much fills a niche and should be flying off the shelves, but it’s hardly moving. People love it in person, but the few online reviews you have been getting are lukewarm, which is strange. You sell this product at local markets and it flies off the shelves. Something is getting lost in translation.

“Why do they love it when I’m selling it to them in person, but they don’t love it online at all?” you cry.

Think I might know what’s going on here.

It’s your detail page. It sucks.

Here are 5 possible reasons why.


Reason #1: The photos are no good.

First things first, your photos have to adhere to Amazon’s Style Guide or they are actually considered non-compliant regardless of how awesome they are. Depending on the severity of the offense, your detail page could be shut down.

So you do want to be sure they are compliant, but also you have to make sure that they don’t suck.

Don’t make them look exactly like everyone else’s. Where your competitors zig, you’re going to zag. Search your product on Amazon and look at how all your competitors shoot their product for their Main Image, and then you shoot yours slightly different. Your product will stand out just because it’s at a jaunty angle while all these others look the same.

Check this out:

Notice how the bottom photo has a little more depth to it… it’s a little more interesting… this is what I’m saying. Make your Main Photo just a little more, more.

Get close-ups of all the features. Does your widget have a beautiful and ornate handle? Or a USB port? Extra cables? Fancy stitching? Stretchy material? Does it come with extra buttons, or a carrying case? Be sure your detail page addresses all of those things that make your widget the exact widget this shopper needs right now.

Use a human to reference the size/scale of your product. Does it fit in the palm of one’s hand, or does it require its own carrying apparatus? Let your potential buyers know how big the product is, by giving them a reference point that anyone can understand.

Lifestyle photos help us imagine ourselves using your product. Is your product waterproof? Your photos could depict happy people at the beach enjoying your product. Is your target audience the more well-to-do sort? Even if you’re selling nothing but a wooden block… if your target audience is fancy, they’re holding that wooden block whilst wearing their best Jimmy Choos and standing on a yacht. Or something. You see what I mean.

Reason #2: The written content is boring and/or irrelevant.

One of the very important functions of sales is making it really easy for your target customer to decide that they need to buy whatever you’re selling right now.

Your detail page is your salesperson, so it needs to do that for you. When a shopper lands on your listing and starts reading, they should not want to stop. The listing should teach us everything that’s relevant to us about your product, and by the time we are done reading we should be needing to throw our money at you.

Your listing should answer questions we didn’t even know we had yet.

It’s a likely bet that you’ve seen very engaging ads in your life, and very awful ones. I’m betting that your performance at local markets, interacting with your product in real time, is a very engaging one. And that the performance of your detail page is not as engaging. Think about those two things and their differences… one is so inviting and easy, and the other, at best is unhelpful and forgettable.

Get fired up and stay fired up about your product. Be excited to share its secrets and benefits and use words that convey that excitement in your ad copy. Translate those feels into the written word, get your shoppers as pumped as you are, by selling them on not just the product… but the removal of the problem which your product solves.

Celebrate their freedom with them, from the shackles of their , thanks to your amazing product.


Reason #3: The title is awful and the bullet points are not optimized for mobile.

All of your ad copy is important, but your bullet points and title are the most important. Why is that? Because they are the first thing people see when they arrive on your detail page.

Regarding the title, it should not be so long that it’s truncated. Don’t stuff your title with so many keywords that it’s a chore to read. Sure, you might get someone to land on your listing, but if they have to struggle through it… well, they won’t. They’ll bounce.

If my eyes are crossing just trying to read your grammatically incorrect and keyword-heavy title, I promise you I’m hitting the “back” button, and I’m not alone in this!

Did you know that the browsing experience is slightly different whether you’re on a mobile device or on a computer? And also that around 80% of people who are viewing your detail page, are doing so on their mobile device? Yeah it’s all true! So your bullet points should be optimized for mobile viewing, since it’s slightly more restrictive.

On a desktop view all of the bullet points show, but on mobile only the first 3 show… I have to click “more” if I want to see more. So the job of your first few bullets is to make me want to see more.

Again, make them easy to read. That means no 50 word run-on sentences that don’t even make sense because they’re so bloated with keywords. No confusing abbreviations, acronyms or irrelevant information, and certainly no unsubstantiated claims just to get people clicking.

The person already searched keywords that landed them on your detail page . You’ve got them. Now tell them why they should stay, tell them why you understand their question and how you’ve already thought of an answer. Show them that your product is the answer.

If you can do that, then you’ve got fish in a barrel, my friend. Fish in a barrel.


Reason #4: No Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content, or EBC, is an absolute must if your products are in the Brand Registry. But if they’re not, they don’t qualify for EBC. So if you can get your products into the Brand Registry, you absolutely should.

What is Brand Registry? It’s a program where you supply your trademark documentation to prove that you are the owner of this brand and therefore the owner of its online presence too.

It stops someone like me from buying 50 of your high end wooden block and then charging half as much, or advertising in a way that is not in line with your plan, or generally causing a confusing customer experience.

If you don’t own the trademark on your products, it’s probably because you’re a reseller, and there’s no harm in that at all, provided that it’s OK with the brand owner of the product(s) that you’re reselling.

What is EBC? It’s kind of like a mini web page within a detail page. In a standard detail page, the portion that comes after the bullets and before the customer reviews is where the Product Description can be found. But in an EBC listing, the Product Description is replaced with text boxes, space for more photos, and different visual aids which help tell your brand’s story. This makes it much more engaging for the shopper. Product comparison charts, exploded drawings, step by step instructions, and customer testimonials are just some of the cool things you can add to your detail page via EBC that are not available on a standard listing.

So in short, if you are the owner of a brand and sell your own branded products, you must:

Get yourself into the brand registry, which protects your brand by helping stop hijackers.

Get EBC, which grows your brand by telling your brand story in a more engaging and thoughtful way.


Reason #5: Unanswered questions and reviews

In certain key ways, this particular Reason Your Detail Page Sucks is the most important. If you leverage the Q&A and Reviews sections to your advantage, your listing will suck a whole lot less.

Answer your shoppers questions! Respond directly to reviews, positive and negative! It is very important that you do. Several things will happen:

Responses from you show that you’re around… that you’re “manning the store”. The “Open” sign is lit and you’re present.

Did you know that a large percentage of online shoppers don’t expect a response when they leave feedback? Show your shoppers that you’re different by showing them you respond. Honestly it’s a little surprising that people don’t expect an answer once we’re in cyberspace. Who doesn’t acknowledge being spoken to in real life?

The questions that people are asking in the Q&A portion of the detail page are the questions you’re not currently answering in your content. Periodically culling the questions from the Q&A section and from the Reviews too, and working those things into the content of the detail page itself, will stop those questions being asked in the future. Systematically reworking your material like this will continually evolve it into a better and better piece of advertising.

When you make a habit of “listening” in this way, you’ll spot product issues and defects faster. What do people dislike about your product? Oh they’ll tell you alright! And while it might be a little painful in the moment, the feedback is good for you. It’s good for the betterment of your products and your brand.

Listen to what people are saying and take it to heart. Just as you’re using the Q&A to continually iterate on your ad copy, you can do the exact same thing with each production run you order. Every time you get new product, it will be better than the last run, thanks to feedback from your customers!


Peak is coming

OK, OK, this has been a lighthearted way of addressing a very serious thing that can do a lot of good for your business, or do nothing at all for your business… possibly even detract from it. If customers aren’t interested in you when they first “meet” you, they’re not going to keep coming back.

If your detail pages look like they were written off the top of your head with no plan, no one will take you seriously. Your images must tell a cohesive story that speaks to your shoppers in a way that excites them, or you can kiss the sale goodbye. If you’re not answering their questions while at the same time creating an urgency that this thing is the only thing they need, it’s unlikely they’ll come knocking again later with more questions.

Why won’t they come knocking later? Because soon they will find a brand that answers all their questions, and creates that sense of urgency in them, and they’ll buy from that brand.

So hopefully you do take these guidelines to heart by taking look at your detail pages and whether they can be improved. In this blog I’ve given away a couple of Cascadia’s listing optimization tricks, but there’s more to our unique approach.


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