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Build your Brand the AmazonBasics Way

Work with industry experts to break down the complexity and reduce the risk of developing your own brand. While at Amazon and other companies, our consultants developed hundreds of products for the consumer market in all product categories.

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Content Centered Branding

We lived, breathed, and slept Amazon, from as few as two years to as much as twelve. We understand how the website works, what content is favored, and how to get your product noticed.

An AmazonBasics Story

Amazon Seller Performance Veterans

Cascadia’s Seller Performance team are all former employees in the enforcement teams at Amazon. We know how to help you get your listing or account back because we wrote the rules on how to take them down.

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We are a group of Amazon specialists and consultants, many of whom formerly worked at Amazon and other large corporations. We handle the tough Amazon policy and compliance questions that stump others in the business. Because we understand how Amazon works from the inside out – we know where Amazon can cause you problems, and we understand where the competitors cause problems – we are the best product and account launch service out there.

For our clients, we:

  • Review your product listings for non-compliance, making sure that whatever you put up on Amazon is compliant with the terms of service. For example, we are particularly strong in jewelry and supplements compliance, two of the hardest areas to write compliant copy. Don’t rely on inexpensive copywriters who don’t understand Amazon’s rules to launch your listings! We do this on one time review basis, or on an ongoing monthly retainer.
  • Support with compliant product development, soup to nuts. Our sourcing consultant finds factories with the correct certifications to do your work. Our compliance consultant makes sure they’re tested for safety, regulatory, and quality concerns. Our packaging and launch consultant makes sure your labeling is compliant with local law and Amazon requirements. Our import logistics consultant makes sure you have compliant documentation for import, and usually gets a great shipping rate while she’s at it!
  • Use our years of in depth experience on where things can go wrong, to help you make sure everything goes right, the first time, when you launch your new product, or launch your brand on Amazon. And if something does go wrong, we’re here to help you with over 20 years of experience in Amazon’s Performance teams, to get you back on track as quickly as possible.
  • If you’ve already launched, and you’d like a second set of eyes on your product – maybe to stay in front of a potential product safety complaint, or you’re perhaps feeling more cautious as Amazon keeps rolling out more extensive enforcement – contact us for an account review, compliance review, or to set up our unique monthly monitoring service, where all deep dives are handled by a former manager of Seller Performance at Amazon.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your account and your products compliant and safe for Amazon’s customers!

Cascadia's Consultants Discuss Your Compliance & Policy Questions

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Protect Your Account

Watch the video to learn more about how our experts perform account reviews. With the information we provide, you can feel more confident about the health and safety of your account. And as an account review client, you are front of the line if you do happen to have any suspension issues, either with an ASIN or your account!

Global Product Sourcing

The future of selling on Amazon is selling your own products and product bundles. Whether you’re sourcing in the US or abroad, we can help you with evaluating supplier agreements, determining the right size of PO, building out your detail page, doing Amazon ready photography, including inserts and lifestyle photography. For imported items, we are experienced with regulatory and safety product testing, HTS classification, inspections, and freight/logistics quotations.

We do it the Amazon way: Work hard. Have fun. Make history! Learn more about our team


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